NYC --> Chicago 29June2007 7,500 pounds

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NYC --> Chicago 29June2007 7,500 pounds

Postby laurac » Wed May 30, 2007 3:33 pm

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

2 bedroom apartment, average estimated weight 7,500 pounds. From Astoria NY to Chicago. Cannot get 75 ft. tractor trailer on either street, so will require 2 shuttles if we go with a "big guy".

All Star

GNTE $6,057

U. Santini, Inc. (American Red Ball) in Brooklyn
MC #46989, NYDOT #T3790, phone 718-768-6778.
* Dan, the owner gave estimate
* Non-binding $4,155.64 - 4,571.20 NON Binding Estimate
* An additional $800 for not being able to get the big truck in in Chicago, said that he could get the truck to our street in Astoria. NO OTHER mover felt they could get the big truck onto our street in Astoria. Dan was supposed to email revision to include shuttles, never did. (4 days ago)

Approved North America (North American Van Lines) (718) 452-3000
* Mike Robbins
* Non-binding $5,950 includes shuttle on both ends

Bay Shore Storage (Allied North American Van Lines) (631) 231-1313
* Rich Trachtenberg
* Estimated several different ways...the only one that was even in the ballpark of the other movers was an exclusive move, where we paid for exclusive use of truck for a flat rate of $6,000. He would bill us "12,000 pounds minimum for the exclusive use of a straight truck". No shuttle.

Still to come,

University Van Lines
the Moving Man

I am overwhelmed at the disparity, and do not know how to proceed. Again. Thank you.

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Re: NYC --> Chicago 29June2007 7,500 pounds

Postby Diane » Wed May 30, 2007 3:54 pm

Well, there's not much of a price disparity - three of your quotes are identical and U. Santini is quoting around $5000-5500 if you include the shuttle in Chicago.

No question in my mind, of the ones you list I would go with All Star. Paying only a little more than with U. Santini, you will get a quality move with no possibility of a surprise shuttle. If you look at the Superlist linked to below my name, you'll see comments on all the movers you're considering, and that should convince you even more that All Star is your best choice.

If the other quotes come in at a similar price, I would still go with All Star. All of the others will probably register the shipment with the van line rather than hauling it themselves. If they will haul it themselves, come back and tell us.
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Re: NYC --> Chicago 29June2007 7,500 pounds

Postby DRM90 » Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:36 pm

Beware of Rich Trachtenberg. I made the mistake of working with him when he was with United and the estimate he gave me was $1000.00 OVER what he quoted me with all sorts of trumped up delivery charges and snotty emails.

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