Von Paris review

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Von Paris review

Postby Diane » Sat Jun 09, 2007 11:06 pm

I am posting a very good review that was just sent to me by Private Message:

cjm wrote: 6/9/07 - Just wanted to say thanks for updating the big state-by-state movers list! It was a great help in my recent move from Arlington, VA to Philadelphia, and made me feel a lot better about making a choice of companies.

In case you want another quick review: I ended up getting quotes from Victory Van Lines and Von Paris. Von Paris sent an estimator down within a few days (I did have to call a couple of times, none of the three companies I tried to contact actually returned my initial messages) and the Victory agent just used the Von Paris weight estimate of 2000 lbs, since the whole thing was pretty short notice. I ended up going with Von Paris, since they were slightly cheaper and were able to guarantee delivery to Philly within two days of my pickup date. They delivered the next morning and everything was fine.


I'll add it to the Superlist but wanted to record it here too.
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