Atlas - California Moving Systems Sacramento Experience

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Robert P
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Atlas - California Moving Systems Sacramento Experience

Postby Robert P » Wed Jun 20, 2007 6:54 am

I followed this forum closely in doing my research for my recent move and wanted to report how happy I was with California Moving Systems in Sacramento. My move was from Sacramento to Washington state (near Portland, Oregon).

It was 18 years since I last moved and was not looking forward to the enormous amount of work involved. As luck would have it, I retired on a Tuesday, sold the home on Friday and had to be out in three weeks.

I contacted Chipman's and California Moving Systems to get quotes based on the comments from this site. Both sent agents out promptly that provided estimates based on their walk through. I had some heavy items to move including woodworking tools and a very large Travertine dining room table. Chipman's kept the weigh below 8,000 pounds while CMS was over 11,000. Chipman's actually came in a little higher in cost (no longer have the quote) as the special packing for the table and zero deductible coverage by CMS brought the costs close. CMS was great in agreeing to move several large potted plants that Chipman's would not move. The cost was $4,794 for 11,200 pounds, special crating for the table and zero deductible.

Judy Little-Martin was the CMS Rep and Calvin Grigsby was the driver. Both were excellent people to deal with. Judy was great! She helped in providing boxes and packing material and was in constant contact. I had a washer and dryer that the crew agreed to move out to the street so Goodwill Industries could pick it up. A knob was accidentally broken and I was not sure if the Goodwill driver would take the appliances so Judy was ready to have a special crew come out to haul the equipment away since I was scheduled to be out of the house the following day. That is GREAT service!

The driver and packing crew were timely and efficient. I was in the middle of the load up to the Pacific Northwest and the truck was loaded on a Wednesday and delivery was the first thing on the following Monday morning. Calvin was friendly and very professional. You can tell he took pride in his work and took it seriously. He pointed out one file cabinet got dented but most everything else made it with no issues. What a surprise considering the amount that was moved.

I was very pleased with Judy, Calvin and CMS and would use them again.

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Re: **Atlas - California Moving Systems Sacramento Experience

Postby Diane » Wed Jun 20, 2007 7:39 pm

Thanks so much for this excellent report on your self-hauled move, which is the first complete review we have for California Moving Systems. I added it to the Superlist linked to below my name.
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