Review of Von Paris/United DC to MS move

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Moving to Mississippi
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Review of Von Paris/United DC to MS move

Postby Moving to Mississippi » Tue Jul 17, 2007 10:47 am

Hello all,

As promised a few weeks back, I'm posting my experience with Von Paris/United for my move from DC to Jackson, MS. My load was pretty small (only about 2,500 lbs), and the Von Paris salesman had given me a huge discount (66%), so it actually cost me less to go this route than rent a truck and drive it down myself. The estimate was right in line and I wasn't charged anything additional, since they didn't need to use a shuttle to deliver.

Overall, I'm very pleased. My stuff arrived this morning, only two days into the delivery window, and everything was accounted for and undamaged. The driver's name was Gerald Price, and he and his crew were very professional and efficiant. My only (small) complaint was the lack of communication from Von Paris. They ended up contracting my move out to Brooks Transfer and Storage in Richmond, VA (they also have a Virginia Beach location, I believe). While the people at Brooks were very pleasant and easy to work with, I wish that my move coordinator with Von Paris had mentioned it to me ahead of time that Brooks was actually doing the move. I didn't know a thing until two guys from Brooks came to load up my shippment. The Von Paris move coordinator was not good at all about communicating anything to me. Every time we spoke it was because I contacted her. She was very nice and helpful when I got her on the phone, but I didn't think that I should have to chase her down the week of my move to confirm that everything was on schedule, or to find out what time the crew was coming to pick up, or to make sure that my signed work order was received by fax.

Anyway, all things considered it was just a minor complaint. The important thing is that my things made it safely and in a timely way. I would recommend Von Paris or Brooks to anyone moving from the DC area.

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Re: **Review of Von Paris/United DC to MS move

Postby ArchieWhite » Tue Jul 17, 2007 2:00 pm

Very good....I know the owners of both Brooks and Von Paris, and they are nice, honest family owned business people. Brooks obviously had a truck going that way, and your load was added to make it a better load. I see both companies trucks and drivers all the time, they are always professional and reliable.
FYI, a Von Paris truck just hauled a shipment from our office to New Mexico, and bound NTE estimate, and the weight went over by almost 4000 lbs ( 12,000 est vs 15600 act) and the driver hauled the 'extra' for free, never complained,just did his work. Sometimes those situations get nasty with lots of associated problems, so it was a pleasant surprise when the Von Paris driver made no fuss about something that was not his fault, yet he had to bear some costs associated with it.

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Re: **Review of Von Paris/United DC to MS move

Postby Michael » Tue Jul 17, 2007 6:09 pm


Just so you understand, your move wasnt contracted out by Von Paris to Brooks. As the booking agent (von paris) has the right to first self haul your shipment. If they will not be able to meet your dates or have a driver available then your move reverts into the UNITED VAN LINES system and a driver is assigned your move. Of course, like Archie mentioned, they were probably selected because they had the space and had shipments going that way.

I just dont want people reading your post to be confused.

Glad all went well.

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Re: **Review of Von Paris/United DC to MS move

Postby Diane » Tue Jul 17, 2007 6:25 pm

Archie and Michael,

I can see that Brooks is a good company. However, don't you think the customer should have been told in advance that Von Paris might not be doing the move? He says he didn't know anything until a truck and driver from another company unexpectedly showed up at his door.

This actually happened to someone else with Reliable and Berger Allied in New Jersey, except that he was given a few days' notice that Berger would be doing the move rather than Reliable. He was so upset that he cancelled his move. -

Customers get invested in researching a particular company and then when everything changes they feel as if they wasted their time.

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Re: **Review of Von Paris/United DC to MS move

Postby Nancy » Tue Jul 17, 2007 7:13 pm


The interstate contract is ALWAYS with the van line. Even if it is self hauled, it goes on their insurance and their liability.

Smaller moves are rarely self hauled, unless there is a perfect storm of another shipment going right that way.

I don't think this should be cause to cancel a move at all, the van line is still handling it, and it's not being sub-contracted.

Also, the original agency/origin agent is STILL responsible for all customer service on the move. It's just a driver from this other agency. They don't hand the whole move over.

Sometimes you don't know who the hauler is until the day or two before the load, it's whoever the van line assigns to handle the shipment.

Our agency only hauls 48% of our shipments, it's totally standard to have other van line agent's drivers haul the shipments. It occurs on the majority of our bookings.

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Re: **Review of Von Paris/United DC to MS move

Postby weem » Tue Jul 17, 2007 7:26 pm

On an interstate move you hire the van line- not the local agent for the van line. In the busy summer season so much changes daily with postponements,
cancellations, items either added or subtracted to the shipments at the last minute that dispatch is not much more accurate than the weatherman at predicting that a shipment is ,for sure, going to be loaded on a particular truck.
In this case the customer probably presumed a Von Paris truck would load and Von Paris probably presumed that the customer knew to expect a truck carrying the United logo---which is what he got.
Now if the customer was promised a self haul by Von Paris---well they dropped a very big ball and lack of notification is inexcusable.

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