Beware of Allied Movers / Berger Allied Ohio

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Beware of Allied Movers / Berger Allied Ohio

Postby ZEN2U » Sun Jul 22, 2007 3:18 pm


First off, I am the type of customer that, when I am wrong I am just that...wrong. I do not look for a free handout, nor try to get more than deserved when I feel I am screwed. I was really fair with these guys as far as a screwed customer goes. I have NEVER made a written complaint before but I have to on this one. If you read only one thing here, read how the claims dept handled matters. At the end of the day, that is the most telling part.

I used an Agent of Allied Moving Company (yes the big one that has been around for decades). The agent was BERGER ALLIED in Cincinnati where I moved from. My move was to Pasadena CA with a three week period between pickup and delivery. A couple of the initial people at "BERGER" Allied were nice. They felt bad that my belongings were destroyed, but once I began to move through the ALLIED claims process, everything changed! Lesson? Regardless of how good or bad the "AGENT" for ALLIED is, when it hits the fan, everyone ends up answering to the cancer of it all - the mian ALLIED CLAIMS DEPT. Agents will tell you they handle their own claims, ya right, anything beyond a broken glass or lamp shade and you get bounced to ALLIED, if not at the get go anyway.

The sales agent who I worked with, including the walk-through and estimate, seemed professional, courteous and on-the-ball. Promises and reassurance was made and I thought I had really done my homework in researching companies. I even used to check forums and blacklist.

Many of the packing materials I paid for were never used, box for 45" wall mounted LCD, mattress cover, etc. These items left my place unprotected but I was assured that they would be properly packed at the warehouse. (Called my personal sales agent angry that the guys didn’t have some of the key materials and he gave me the smooth talk apology/reassurance). BTW, I had chosen to pay extra for a $25,000, zero deducible insurance policy. So if the worst happened I was ok...right? Turns out....... no.

When everything arrived in Pasadena, it was the beginning of the Allied "Tri-fecta" of pain.

1) Incredible and I mean INCREDIBLE damage to many many items

2) Massive water damage from a roof that poured stinky water down resulting from a torrential rainstorm

3) And the worst of the three - HOW ALLIED CLAIMES HANDED THE ENTIRE MESS!

As boxed were marched in, soaking wet, falling apart, and items smelly, ruined and broken, I knew there was trouble. An 850.00 Crate and Barrel chair had massive six inch by one-inch grooves in the wood like a grizzly attacked it. Legs snapped off an expensive table, computer routers, hardware etc soaked. Two large oriental rugs soaked, musty and smelly from the water. There was actually water dripping from the rugs they were so wet.

King sized mattress soaked with foul smelling water, so foul I had them set it on my back patio. A $4200.00 leather sofa which was stood on it side on a folded packing pad was soaked and RUINED. Like a wet sponge, the pad allowed smelly water to wick up into the rolled leather arm and side panel of the sofa. The leather was rippled, soaked and the integrity of the leather ruined forever.

The ALLIED moving men tried to rub black shoe polish (before bringing into the house) in the large gouges on the living room chair. Black shoe polish on brown walnut wood - nice touch. The show polish remained on the hands of the guy and of course stained many object he moved after that.

Did I mention they left with some of my items still on the truck after they delivered everything?

Of course, I called my original sales agent who did my initial walk-thru during the unloading to report the disaster unfolding. He said he would send a claims person out first thing Monday. Once again, while reachable, he made promises in the moment that never came to fruition.

My BIGGEST frustration and I feel the most telling part of ALLIED's ethics was they manner in which the claims agent handled matters. on....

After the "BERGER" ALLIED claims department stalled for three weeks, they finally referred me to the "main" ALLIED claims office.

At this point, I had over $9,000.00 worth of damage and of course submitted all receipts (mucho time involved in gathering that info mind you).

Well, my 4200.00 leather sofa? I received 300.00 to repair. Like an expensive framed art piece that gets a hole poked through it, permanent water damage on one side of a sofa should also be deemed "TOTALED".

Those nice rugs costing in the thousands? 150.00 to have them cleaned. And yes, I had them cleaned and the rug store said they are permanently ruined.

ALLIED cut me a check for 4900.00 two months, many phone call and many emails later. That covered the chair, king sized bed, other items damaged, but they decided to go cheap on the leather sofa and rugs. So now, my dark brown Arhaus Furniture leather sofa looks like skin that has been in the bathtub too long ~ ALL RIPPLED. Nice touch ALLIED/BERGER ALLIED.

Why would a supposed reputable moving company who undeniably screwed up pick and choose what they will replace? I even kept certain items damaged off the claims list to insure the big one; the really important ones were handled.

So...after weeks of doing the ALLIED claims death march, the stress of hitting the ground running on a new job while dealing with ALLIED, Joann in claims make a HUGE choice: excersize compassion/cust service or arrogant ALLIED doesnt care attitude. Nice to know during a crisis ALLIED steps on customers like a bug. That is piece of mind for those of you considering using them. Me...sour grapes? Hell yes. And rightfully so. Why? At the moment of truth while on the phone with her, hoping to hear some compassion or "we screwed up we'll fix things" approach, I quickly realized the angle she was taking.

The best quote of the whole experience? (Regarding my sofa) from Joann, the claims person from ALLIED CLAIMS CORPORATE and with the control /final say so on my entire claim.

"I wipe my leather couch with water to clean and it doesn’t hurt it....besides, cows live outdoors and they get rained on and their leather stays ok"

Either she was grossly uneducated or staggeringly arrogant....(the latter)

(At that point I was too tired to educate her on the biology of cows natural oils etc and.....). I guess if a guy was just wiping my couch with a damp rag repeatedly for 3500 miles it would be ok - but we were talking standing water in the truck. OF COURSE SHE KNEW THIS - AND THE SMUG ARROGANT COMMENT SAID * IT * ALL !!!

Folks, things go wrong with a move, I get that. Even Mother Nature plays a part from time to time. What is truly scary is when disaster strikes, our belonging are ruined, we are stressed form a relocation, and at the mercy of a supposed "KNOWN NATIONAL MOVER" and we not only get screwed, but they dress the wound with smugness arrogance and disregard for what is RIGHT.

A moving company is only as good as their core belief of customer service and claims resolution. ALLIED AND BERGER ALLIED FAILED MISRIBALLY.


An Allied / Berger Allied casualty

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Re: Beware of Allied Movers / Berger Allied Ohio

Postby r.tennison » Mon May 19, 2008 5:07 pm

Ok, all of this being said, you did great getting receipts together etc. That is a major first step in this process. But, the valuation coversge you received allows the van lines to pay for a depreciated amount or repair the item. You still have time, maybe a few days to get more out of this company. Also, since the van leaked, it may also be covered under their insurance no matter what Allied paid you. Its almost a year now, but you still have standing with their insurance company. Persue the matter and see what shakes loose.

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Re: Beware of Allied Movers / Berger Allied Ohio

Postby scmom61 » Sat May 24, 2008 3:35 am

why hasn't Diane or Farrah responded to this complaint???


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Re: Beware of Allied Movers / Berger Allied Ohio

Postby Rick » Sat May 24, 2008 5:30 am

They probably had much bigger demons to deal with at the time. Image

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Re: Beware of Allied Movers / Berger Allied Ohio

Postby farrah7031 » Sat May 24, 2008 11:41 pm

You did realize this post was from a year ago, right? :roll:

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Re: Beware of Allied Movers / Berger Allied Ohio

Postby Diane » Thu May 29, 2008 8:44 am

Somehow this complaint was overlooked at the time, but I just added it to the Superlist, noting that the poster's beef was with the van line's claims department and not with Berger Cincinnati. Putting black shoe polish on walnut furniture to "hide" the damage seems like a really bad idea, though. :(
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Re: Beware of Allied Movers / Berger Allied Ohio

Postby GlobalTransplant » Fri May 30, 2008 6:17 am

Wow, what a scarey story! I'm not worried about using Allied Pickfords for a move from UK to US, as they will use one of their Allied partners at the US end, and I do not want this kind of experience!

Is it important to get the exact name of the Allied partner used in the US end, and ask to change them if they are on the blacklist?

Also, the Allied Pickfords agents that are supposedly so famous and good in the UK are hardly that, they don't respond to emails and phone calls to get clarifications! So much for charging a ton of money and giving no peace of mind, although that is their motto!

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Re: Beware of Allied Movers / Berger Allied Ohio

Postby farrah7031 » Fri May 30, 2008 9:55 am

None of the Vanline agents are on the Blacklist.

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Re: Beware of Allied Movers / Berger Allied Ohio

Postby rydog444 » Sat May 31, 2008 5:27 am

Okay, I'm almost certain they didn't use black shoe polish to hide damage. What they probably did use, being that I was in the actual moving part of the business for 12 years, was fifth wheel grease. I've seen a couple guys use it and couldn't believe it. It's the grease that enables the tractor to easily slide underneath the trailer, not that that makes it any better.
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