Maine Movers: Allen's Mayflower Augusta

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Maine Movers: Allen's Mayflower Augusta

Postby minkus » Sun Jul 29, 2007 10:00 pm

I used Allen’s Mayflower for a move from central Maine to the south. Long story short is that I’ll never use a moving company again – part of it is their fault, part of it is mine.

First the good stuff. The people who came to pick up and drop off my stuff (people from Allen’s came to pick it up; I think the name of the drop off company was “Cooks”) were very good and professional. They moved things in quickly, they were personable, they took care of my things when loading and unloading, and so on. The estimate was within 10% of the price. They also came on the scheduled days, but this was something of a problem.

When the representative came to my house to give me an estimate, she gave me a window for the stuff to arrive down south, and it was a pretty wide window. I was very straightforward and told her that it was simply too long to wait, and she promised – over and over and over – that it was just a formality and that they move so much stuff to the south that they should have it there in a few days. We went through this again and again, so I agreed. When they called to ask if they could pick up a day early, my wife and I stayed up all night to finish packing – we thought it would get our stuff down south sooner.

As you can probably guess, my stuff arrived on the last possible day of the delivery window– we sat in my new house for over two weeks without our stuff. Phone calls weren’t returned, the staff in Maine was rude on the phone, and so on. Then, when my stuff arrived, it looked as though it had been put in a blender. The moving guys told me that they had taken it from a warehouse, so it moved from at least one truck, to a warehouse, to another truck, and in the process there was absolutely no care taken in how the boxes were stacked – boxes were crushed, they were falling apart, fragile stuff was on the bottom of a stack, and so on. We don’t really have nice stuff – you can’t really claim insurance on a broken box of Target wine glasses – but if you do, I wouldn’t use them.

Long story short is that I do NOT recommend Allen’s – they certainly lived up to the letter of their contract (that is, they aren’t going to take your stuff for ransom), but they make false promises, for a moving company they seem to care very little about your stuff, and, in the end, it was just not anywhere near worth the price. Maybe they are good for a moving company – this was my first time using one – but I’ll never use another one again. ABF was much better.

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Re: Maine Movers: Allen's Mayflower Augusta

Postby farrah7031 » Sun Jul 29, 2007 10:08 pm

Did you purchase the additional valuation with a (hopefully) small or no deductible?

I'm sorry about the poor customer service, but this is the busy time of the year. You're right that they shouldn't have promised you verbally that it would only be a couple of days. It's totally normal for them to pick your stuff up, move it to the warehouse, and then put it on another truck to deliver to you.

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Re: **Maine Movers: Allen's Mayflower Augusta

Postby Diane » Mon Jul 30, 2007 2:18 pm

Hi - this is not a scam but poor service, so I'm moving your review to Open Community from Report a Scam. However, I'm very sorry about what happened to you and will make a note of it in the Superlist linked to below my name.

In researching the company, I noticed that their move coordinator Becky Isabelle got a Mayflower "Heart of Quality" award for good customer service for 2006. I don't know whether that's who you were dealing with: ... -77-07.htm

On another topic, if you would like to elaborate on your move with ABF I would appreciate it (when you moved, to and from where, space used, cost, etc.).
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