Review of Ron's Moving, Fairfax Va

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Review of Ron's Moving, Fairfax Va

Postby deliotb » Thu Aug 02, 2007 8:53 am

In my fourth and final move of the last two years, I used Ron's Moving of Fairfax, Va for a local move. They hadn't been reviewed on this site, but had among the best reviews of any company in 2006 and 1998 in the local consumer magazine, Washington Checkbook. They quoted me a rate of $200 an hour for five men, plus one hour for travel, and estimated (via a phone call) that it would take a total of six to eight hours to do the move. I went with them based on their excellent long-term track record in checkbook, and because $200 an hour for five seemed better than the $175 an hour for 3 that other movers were quoting.

The movers showed up precisely on time. They worked carefully, if not especially fast. It was a hot day, and unlike some movers we've had, these movers were not mostly huge guys.

The move went smoothly, with the least damage we've ever had. Like I said, these guys worked carefully. The only potential snafu was that our stuff just barely fit in the truck, and only by putting some things on an extension in the back (good thing it wasn't raining)! We've seen other movers where the guys seem to really know each other and work as a team, but here they seemed more independent of each other.

The move took 8.25 hours. A bit higher than the estimate, but we really did have move stuff in our townhouse than the size of the place would suggest.

I have two minor complaints: first, we got charged for 8.5, not 8.25 hours, and were told that they only charge by the half hour. Doesn't seem right to me, but maybe that's the industry standard. Second, they told me on the phone that I could pay any way I wanted, including credit card, but when I was ready to pay I learned that there is a 5% surcharge for credit cards. This information should be presented upfront, I think.

One thing I learned from this move is that 5 movers, at least for a relatively small job, don't give you 60% more work than 3, maybe more like 30%. First, everyone has to wait around at various times while the truck is organized, and second, I think it's easier to slack off a little when there are four other guys around--two of the guys seemed to avoid carrying anything heavy, for example.

Ron himself and an employee came by after a few days to repair the minor damage, which they did adequately, but not like professional repair people. I can't complain, as we didn't buy insurance.

Overall, they did an excellent job at the basics: being on time, careful, and helpful. I'd recommend the company.

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Re: **Review of Ron's Moving, Fairfax Va

Postby farrah7031 » Thu Aug 02, 2007 9:30 am

Ron's Moving
10324 Commonwealth Blvd
Fairfax, VA
Phone: 703-273-0781 ... mpid=16271

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