To customers who used a Movers with 8411 Canoga ave,Canoga Park address.

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To customers who used a Movers with 8411 Canoga ave,Canoga Park address.

Postby snopefriend » Thu Aug 30, 2007 12:36 pm

First let me say if you are the “faint of heart” I don’t recommend you do what my friend and I did.
The move of her worldly goods from CA. to WA. By BQM (aka Gary & Kobe Transportation) was a nightmare...
Her items were stored for the two months promised in the contract. When time for storage contract to end they called her to prepare for delivery. Because she was not in her home yet she made arrangements for the items to be delivered to a self storage in WA. What was to be delivered in 5 days ended up delivered 2 weeks later. When the truck finally arrived the driver insisted on the CASH or POSTAL M.O. before unloading. My friends husband told the driver no way do you get the cash unless we see its our stuff in that truck. The driver, opened the doors and the truck was ¾ full, they checked the lot number & sticker …they assumed all that was in the truck was theirs and gave the driver the money order. The driver handed them the bill of lading to sign with all the (over 200) items of their original order listed.
However when the truck was half unloaded the driver & helper stopped, Said that’s it…My friend of course was checking off the items as they came off the truck..and there was still half of the order missing. Of course the driver passed the buck to the dispatcher who passed the buck to the moving company…etc. It was a weekend and no one was answering the phones at BQM.
However my friend had her daughter take moving pictures of the whole thing and the people doing the moving, which would later help.
After her many failed attempts by phone that resulted in empty promises, passing the buck and finally a dead end street.
My friend contacted the police dept. and was instructed to send a demand letter(certified) to both addresses for BQM.
This did get the ball rolling and finally she was contacted that they were ready to deliver the rest of her almost 100 items.
The day the truck pulled up to delivered. There was no bill of lading …and they only had ½ of her order…only this time the stuff that was missing was important records ( identity stuff),family pics, and much more to which we figured would be equal to 1 wooden crate..
Again she called but this time on one would answer. This freaked her out so she came back to CA. and we went to the address of BQM…and oh what and experience that was..

First it was very hard to find…down a alley, off the main street in the seedy part of town. The building was a large warehouse, the door to enter was not for the public.
There was no receptionist…just a dirty room .When you walked around the corners ,it was a catacomb of little rooms no signs, or numbers to distinguish it from the others. A large room with computers & phones (we figured was the dispatcher of leads or a brokage for the many movers in the building).The place had about 6-7 different moving companies as close as we could figure.
It was a very scarey place to say the least. Each person we asked if they were with BQM…said “No..were not with them”!!!..
However one of the guys she recognized as being a helper who unloaded the second delivery…she said I know you in fact you help deliver my stuff..I have your picture on my camera!!!!
They all spoke to one another in their native tongue and would not help us locate BMQ in this big building. So, we just started wandering around the building. We finally came to the storage part of the building. And to our surprise they were moving all the storage crates out of the building, only a few crates were there.!!!! People were scurrying about like ants on a sugar cube…We both knew something was up…so we went back to the front where we started and I said (out loud so they could hear us…”Well I guess we need to contact Sgt. ^*&*.. at the Chatsworth police dept. and put a call in to the Feds…then we walked out…”
All of a sudden people started leaving, the parking lot full of cars, suddenly became half empty… It was like a “bug out” from the movie Mash…
The few that stayed…kept a watchful eye on us & spoke on their cell phones, as we walked around the parking lot writing down lic plate numbers..
While she was on the phone talking to the FEDS…
What happened next was suddenly the “Gary” of Gary & Kobe magically appeared….

After much talk and threats of the law coming to their place of business he told my friend that he didn’t know where her stuff was…that they were in the processes of moving all crates to another location.. Again she eventually was able to get him to say where !….

It appears BQM is now sub leasing a space from Bekins storage on 20525 Nordhoff Street & Mason St. Chatsworth, CA for BQM customers crates and any other companies with 8411 Canoga Ave, Canoga Park, Ca. address as BQM.
The crates from the BQM and others were not marked or labeled with the owners name…
After us insisting that Bekin help search the 40 + crates to see if her stuff was there.

There after, none of the items in the crates held the red stickers & lot number her items were marked with…So we could only surmise that her 41 items fell into the hands of another customer or customers.
So Gary has washed his hands…and my friend is at the mercy of the customers who have had dealings with any of the moving companies at 8411 Canoga ave…who perhaps has received her 41 items ( all which are marked with a red sticker and her lot number) also we printed 2’ name labels and taped them to many of the items……
It appears according to Gary that Koby “flew the coop” with all the money, and left Gary holding the bag…
We asked the man at Bekins what happens to the other customers if Gary doesnt pay Bekins the storage he is using…he said Bekin will open the crates and try to find out who they belong to…and contact them to pay the storage on their crates….I said what if there is nothing identifying who they belong too…he said then they go to auction to pay the storage!!!!

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Re: To customers who used a Movers with 8411 Canoga ave,Canoga Park address

Postby MusicMom » Thu Aug 30, 2007 12:50 pm

nice research! I hate the end result, but this is important to know. I hope some victims find this info out.

Why don't you send this on the the BBB? It would be nice to have this new warehouse, even if it's short term, listed on thier addresses. They already have an F rating, so this won't hurt their business at all.

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