**MI to CA with Allied (Woodworth Moving as Agent)

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**MI to CA with Allied (Woodworth Moving as Agent)

Postby kurubus » Fri Aug 31, 2007 2:32 am

Route: Grand Rapids, MI to Los Angeles, CA. Total 11 days including loading and unloading.
Agent: Woodworth Moving and Storage (WMS), Jackson MI.
Carrier: Allied Van Lines. Larry M. was the driver.
4100 lb estimate for $3454 with full insurance. 84.2 cents/lb.

There was an early discussion before my move when I was finalizing my agent choices. Below is the final account on my move.

I had several agents come through the house. I really liked Atlas agent Chad in Grand Rapids, MI from Powell Relocation featured somewhere here in reviews; but they had commitment issue and a possible storage option. I also liked Atlas for free, zero-deductible insurance for AAA members. However, I went with Allied.

WMS agent had never gone through my house. One time because they forgot to add me to his itinerary and the second time I was stuck out of town. My price guaranteed rate was based on the estimate from Atlas. I just supplied the weight and it was it. Price was comparable and Allied committed to a convenient date.

Overall WMS contact person Dorean was pleasant to talk to and courteous. However, missing the agent on the first appointment and sending the paperwork for the driver very late (despite my warnings) so it arrived while finishing the loading, reminds me of my B or B- students: most of things are done, but could have been better.

My scheduled truck was overloaded and Allied assigned another driver with the same pick up date, but five days delayed delivery from the initial discussion. Well, after reading posts here, I did not argue -- such is life. Afterall, the truck arrived only three days post the initially agreed upon date. My employer helped me to accomodate while waiting.

A shiny orange truck and trailer arrived promptly for loading. I did not use moving boxes and was repremanded for not having some of my boxes all taped up. The movers did it themselves, while I was finishing a few last boxes in the kitchen. As I could not stand idle and in a good shape (so I think), I helped loading the truck. With 30 years of experience, the driver loaded the trailer to the roof taking very small linear space. There also was some complaining that I was over 4100 lbs estimate, but probably not more than 10% which is a norm.

I was expecting my delivery on Tuesday, but the driver called on Friday before and asked if I would accept the delivery on Sunday. Sure thing, the early the better.

Once again the truck arrived perfectly on time. My new place is an appartment building on a hill side, and while there is plenty of parking nearby, the truck could not (2 attempts and it was tempting) pull in where the unloading would be only one story by stares. It would have been four stories from the street level without an elevator.

Expecting that, I just in case reserved a 16' Budget truck in advance and brought it in one hour. We did two trips to one story unloading spot, one full and one 1/4 full all in 4.5 hours without any issues. I also hauled my stuff compensating for the circumstances. Other option would have been $800 charge for a local truck and movers. Budget truck was the best option for me and the driver: he didn't waste a day waiting and I paid only $50 for the rental including gas.

Overall, I am pleased with my moving experience and would rate it as 3.5/4.

I also would like to mention the local helpers my driver hired in both locations. They were young, strong and great guys. I felt good tipping them.
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Re: MI to CA with Allied (Woodworth Moving as Agent)

Postby ArchieWhite » Fri Aug 31, 2007 9:53 am

Sounds like it went pretty good. Drivers hate it when they have to deal with 4 stories of 'stares.' It just doesn't 'look' good. 'See' what I'm saying?

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Re: MI to CA with Allied (Woodworth Moving as Agent)

Postby MusicMom » Fri Aug 31, 2007 9:56 am


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Re: **MI to CA with Allied (Woodworth Moving as Agent)

Postby Diane » Sun Sep 02, 2007 7:36 am


Thanks for your detailed, thoughtful review. You had a successful move largely because you were thinking ahead and reserved a rental truck rather than inconveniencing the driver (and paying more). You also stepped up to the plate to help unload. I like your philosophical attitude about the change in delivery date, too. As you say, if people can anticipate possible glitches by reading stories on this website, somehow they don't seem so bad or threatening if and when they occur. Your move may have rated only a "B" rather than an "A" but that's pretty normal for the industry, and the important thing is that none of it was a scam.
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Re: MI to CA with Allied (Woodworth Moving as Agent)

Postby kurubus » Tue Sep 04, 2007 12:41 am

Thank you, Diane.

In reality, I should thank everyone who moderates the forum and those who have poured their hearts and stories on the forum pages.

I would spend numerous hours navigating the forum and then be mad at myself for waisting time not packing. But in reality, I was absorbing the knowledge and experiences of many people here (like in SI-FI stories, "... and suddenly he heard the voices of millions.") for my first professional move. YOU are serving a very important role of helping and educating people. And you should be credited and thanked again for many things which went well in my moving experience.

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