Truckin' Movers Story (North Carolina)

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Truckin' Movers Story (North Carolina)

Postby amacar01 » Sat Sep 01, 2007 5:28 pm

Hey everyone,

The following is my moving experience with Truckin' Movers of North Carolina located at 1031 Harvest Street, Durham, NC 27704 (919) 682-2300.

I first contacted Truckin’ Movers in early August and I was quoted for one bedroom and plus a couch and entertainment unit $1500.00. While I was in NY, I called again to confirm the over the phone estimate previously because I was about to secure housing in NY and needed to get my future money required. Again, I was quoted $1500.00. Truckin’ Movers person named Doug came out to my place and perform an inventory so that he could give me an estimate.

After a few days, he came back with an estimate of $2200.00. As you can probably expect, I was really surprised by the difference in estimates. Keep in mind that neither the $1500.00 or $2200.00 estimate included insurance or other things, such as stairs and long carries etc. (not sure if the other costs are normal or not). I told him that I was quoted $1500.00 over the phone and he told me he had neither of the two $1500.00 estimates were in my file. The net result was Doug told me he would come back with a new estimate. The estimate he came back to me with was $1700.00. By the way, my estimated weight was 1645 pounds.

The biggest reason for me for continuing to contact Truckin’ Movers was that they promised me pickup and delivery within a short time (1-2 days). For example, they would pick up on August 27th and deliver by August 29th. I was on a short timeline and other movers were like 2-14 days from September 4th, which would not work at all.

Well, Doug calls me the day or a few days before the move and informs me that his load to Connecticut fell through, so he wanted to reschedule to September 4th or 5th. For me that did not work at all. To Truckin' Movers’ credit, they worked with me and kept a similar schedule to what we agreed to originally (we moved the move-date up one day). However, Doug informed me for the estimate to work they could only send one person up to New York. I told him that was ok as the amount of time it takes was not significant (not knowing NY doorman want things moved in fast).

On the day of the move, Truckin' Movers showed up about an hour late -- they did call me after a half-hour to let me know that they would be late. When they came, I felt they packed everything pretty good and took them about 1.5-2 hours to pack everything. However, it should be noted, that all my boxes were already packed and everything was beside the door ready to go (I am pretty organized). The only thing they had to get was my bed and desk in my room.

I tipped two of the guys $10 each and the other guy $20 when he delivered my stuff (because he was also delivering). I am not sure the tipping standards for the moving industry. Doug at Truckin' Movers suggested $20 per person. I had Gatorade, pop, and water available for the three movers. Please note upon pickup, I paid $700.00 (1/3 of the estimate) -- I am not sure if this is normal or not.

The next day, the person came to my apartment building in NY and was like a half-hour late (I was just happy he was there). After watching him move a few things, I decided to help out and basically the two of us moved me into my place. The reason I did this was because it was just taking too long and plus the doorman was getting impatient with the time of the move. After the move was completed, I paid the final 2/3rds owed.

The day after the move, I received a call from Doug informing me that the mover in NY received a parking ticket and that I responsible for the $115 ticket. I honestly did not think I was responsible, but he referred to it as an "access charge" and that my contract stated a final audit would be done after my move. I told Doug that I felt like I did not tell him to double park and he could have possibly secured a better spot. Doug pulled counterarguments like “we went out of our way to provide next day service” and “we will not make any money on the move if the ticket is not paid” in addition to telling me he just thought it was “fair.” I love when people use that word because it so ambiguous – of course his definition of “fair” means I pay.

I told Doug that I work on logic and that is not a logical reason why I should pay. However, at that point I wanted to be done with Truckin' Movers and the continual issues and thus consented to the charged provided he sent me the ticket and an up to date charge listing.

In sum, I guess you are wondering whether I would use Truckin' Movers again? I am not sure. I mean they did move my belongings next day and the condition was the same as before the move (very important). However, it just seemed like there was an issue after another issue. If I were to do it again, I would secure many apartment estimates (not over the phone estimates because those seem very volatile) including all the other costs like insurance and long distances moves etc. I did not do that. Finally, I was not happy that I provided my credit card to them and they held the credit on the card (to ensure my check would cash) without telling me because I called Wachovia as I thought somebody had being using my card.

Also, many of you probably know this, but if a moving company will only move based on cubic footage then it is likely a scam (see triple a movers in north Carolina -- hung up on me when I asked for an apartment estimate).

Just to let you know, I paid Truckin’ Movers approximately $2111.93 ($1700 transportation + insurance etc.) total for 1,645 pounds.

I hope that helps!

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Re: **Truckin' Movers Story (North Carolina)

Postby BigLeeCalif » Sat Sep 01, 2007 6:44 pm

You'd be responsible if parking permits were required, but a mover is not to pass the cost of parking tickets to the customer.

That's their problem if the driver parked illegally. In New York City the cost of that parking ticket might be worth it if they didn't charge for a shuttle.
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Re: **Truckin' Movers Story (North Carolina)

Postby Fred0844 » Sun Sep 02, 2007 3:15 am

Sorry Lee but the shipper is responsible to provide parking for the truck. If the shipper does not do it, then the shipper has a choice, pay any tickets or additional costs to set off at a warehouse and redeliver when he pays for the permit.
Item 35 ......the carrier has paid for the permission (permit) to park at the shipper's location (in the form of the ticket) and is charging back the shipper for that service.

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Re: **Truckin' Movers Story (North Carolina)

Postby Diane » Sun Sep 02, 2007 7:11 am


Thanks so much for this review. All in all, I would call this a good move since you got your things delivered the next day undamaged and for a reasonable price, even though you had to help the driver unload. It appears that Truckin' Movers gave you exclusive use of a truck. I know that for moves within the NYC area, local companies often ask customers to pay for the expensive ($115) parking tickets, but customers aren't required to do it. I think you did the right thing to pay in view of the fact that Truckin' went out of its way to accommodate you. I guess one of the hazards of dealing with a small company like this is that issues come up that have to be negotiated, but the advantage is that the company owner is controlling the move and has the ability to be flexible.
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