Highly recommended: S&M Moving Systems, United Van Lines

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Highly recommended: S&M Moving Systems, United Van Lines

Postby dr_jay » Thu Sep 06, 2007 2:41 pm

I just had a very positive, although not cheap, experience with S&M Moving Systems and United Van Lines in my move from the SF Bay area to L.A. I don't know if S&M is technically a broker, but they arranged the move and they use United Van Lines exclusively. They arrived on time and packed everything in my 1 bedroom apartment in about 4 hours, and they had a third party crating company to crate a few fragile items. They were extremely thorough in their packing and gave an inventory of every single box and piece of furniture. They arrived in L.A. on the third day of the 3-day window they gave me. I had a number I could call at S&M at any time and find out the status and ask questions, and they kept in contact along the way. When they arrived and unloaded they were again extremely professional, and we went through the inventory list piece by piece. Amazingly, not a single lost or broken item. The total for the move was about $3800 because of the packing, a shuttle at the origin, and crating, so probably not a good option if you're paying yourself. Definitely look into them though if your employer is paying.

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Re: Highly recommended: S&M Moving Systems, United Van Lines

Postby Diane » Thu Sep 06, 2007 2:55 pm

Thanks so much for this great report on a company-paid move between the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

For those who are paying for such a move themselves, Don Schwartz of STS Movers told me that for most Los Angeles to San Francisco moves, he charges a flat fee of $1250 for small shipments and can deliver in 1 to 2 days, i.e. he would deliver on the same day or the next day. He said he would try to get another small load to fill his truck. (I would guess that San Francisco to Los Angeles might be somewhat more since he is located in Southern CA.) Since he operates only straight trucks, he wouldn't have to use a shuttle. Here is the entry for his company on the Superlist linked to below my name:
--STS Movers (independent) in Westminster, also dba Schwartz Transportation Services. [Legal name is Donald R. Schwartz.]
This company with MC #527192 has the website www.stsmovers.com and the phone 714-791-5547. It is licensed to do interstate moves. The owner, Don Schwartz, posts on MovingScam as "donatsts" and has made some helpful comments here. He is listed on www.uship.com with the user ID "22mover" and as of 7/07 he had about 20 positive comments there. He also accepts loading and unloading jobs from MovingStaffers (listed on the ABF U-Pack website.)
In 7/07 Carla McKinney moving from Lakewood, CA to Canada had STS load her ABF truck. As it turned out, her moving blankets, bubble wrap, and rope purchased through ABF didn't arrive in time so Don also supplied those (he had picked some supplies up from Pioneer Packing just in case). Carla posted that "he and his colleague are doing a wonderful job; they were prompt and extremely professional packing and movoing my things and they have been very efficient (they have been here less than three ours and will b done inprobably 30 minutes!)":
http://www.movingscam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14266 (loading help)
"Kyle" reported in 8/07 that Don had done both business-related moves and personal moves for him and he was very pleased with Don, describing him as "efficient and careful." Both types of moves included storage in the STS warehouse in San Bernardino:
http://www.movingscam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14502 (within-CA with storage)
There is another very good review posted by "aeest400" in 8/07 saying that Don moved him from Los Angeles to Monterey, CA, on very short notice for $2000 and did it in one day with three helpers:
http://www.movingscam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14544 (within-CA)

Might be a company worth considering. Also, Moovers Inc. told me that they do a lot of such moves, and I'm sure that Delancey Street does too.
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Re: **Highly recommended: S&M Moving Systems, United Van Lines

Postby BigLeeCalif » Thu Sep 06, 2007 10:19 pm

If you booked through S&M for a California move, it should have been serviced by them from start to finish. United Van Lines does not have intrastate authority to perform moves within California.

If another United company showed up for the transportation, it could have been that S&M subcontracted with another California agent who was going in your direction, and was able to do the job.

California has a maximum rate tariff, but movers can charge whatever they want below published rates. Some companies can operate on charging a lot less than tariff, while others have higher overhead and have to charge a higher rate. But either way no one can exceed the published tariff rates, except under certain conditions, and you would have to sign a section on the bill of lading agreeing to pay higher rates.
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