*Moving from Chicago, IL to Minneapolis, MN

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*Moving from Chicago, IL to Minneapolis, MN

Postby chikabby » Tue Sep 11, 2007 10:52 am

Hello. I have been lurking here for a month or so and this site has been quite helpful to me in planning our move, so I thought I'd post about my upcoming move in hopes of helping someone else.

My family (myself, my husband, 2 children and a dog) is moving this week from Chicago to Minneapolis and we've selected Armstrong Relocation (United) for our move. I received 2 estimates and was most impressed with the attention to detail provided by Armstrong Relocation, Elk Grove Village, IL. Although their quote was about $600 higher then the other quote I received from Pickens-Kane (Allied), it was much more thorough and the professionalism of the company representative far exceeded the other. I had a third estimate scheduled with Berger (Allied) but had to cancel due to a scheduling problem, but the woman I spoke with who would have done the estimate was really professional and friendly. I would have felt more comfortable getting a third estimate, but I really clicked with Armstrong on the spot and was eager to get packing.

I really can't say anything negative about Pickens-Kane, but I was very unimpressed by their company representative and his apparent disregard for the importance of moving my family and all of our precious posessions out of state. He rescheduled meetings according to his schedule, was late (without calling) even when I agreed to rescheduling to make his day easier (which in turn made my day more difficult as I work PT while my children nap), he really didn't spend time in each room and didn't ask questions about anything, and he didn't even want to see our storage unit which is located just a half mile down our street. He didn't leave me with an estimate when he left, and he ran out of brochures so he dropped by unannounced the next day to drop one off and expected me to let him in (while feeding my newborn) to go over our estimate. I asked him to leave them outside.

We are moving out of a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in the city (Bucktown) and we have a TON of stuff! In addition to everything packed into our condo, we also had a 5x10 storage unit packed to the ceiling that we have to move. Our Binding, Not to Exceed estimate is for $3179, 6300 lbs. and includes packing of a queen mattress set, 2 twin mattresses, a crib mattress, and a very heavy mirror. The quote does not include a shuttle to and from our storage unit (we took care of that ourselves). Included in the price was over 100 boxes of all sizes, and all we had to buy was some paper and tape. Our company rep delivered them to our home personally which was a tremendous help, and in a terrible storm nonetheless. We have 2 children under 19 mos. including a newborn, so senstivity to our schedule has been very important, and Armstrong's communication about meetings, drop-offs, ability to work around crying children (ha!) has been great.

I was quite overwhelmed by all of the moving jargon and horror stories when I started this process. So confused I priced out U-Haul one night! This web site has been a great help, as well as the Rights and Responsibilities booklets furnished by the movers. Like one or two others have mentioned, the original estimate received from Armstrong was hard to read, but I had it refaxed until I got a good clean copy. I also called our rep with at least 20 questions and he patiently listened to and responded to all of my last little questions and concerns, and then emailed me estimates for all "what-if" scenarios like if our stuff has to go into storage due to a delayed closing, or anything along the way. I am feeling pretty confident going into this move, so hopefully it will go well!

We're about 135 boxes packed and ready to go on Thursday morning (9/13), so I will update this board when I have a chance. Our delivery should be 9/20-9/21 if all goes well.

Wish us luck!!

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