Successful move US -> Norway using Rainier OS

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Successful move US -> Norway using Rainier OS

Postby beernut » Mon Sep 17, 2007 5:02 pm

All -

After reading this site religiously before deciding on a mover for our recent move from the US to Norway - I figured I would contribute something back :)

We decided to go with Rainier for our move (relatively small move 200cuft container plus an extra crate.) They have been helpful throughout the whole process and provided a very competitive rate (they were not the cheapest of the lot - but well worth the extra couple of hundred bucks.)

We had a local mover come to our house and pack up all breakables and electronics etc and they were very professional and did a good job. It left our house on August 2nd and we got it at our new house in Norway on September 13th. All in all not bad considering this is peak season.

We have now gone through all of the boxes and (almost) everything made it fine. Some of the boxes were pretty beat up - but none of our glassware etc was broken.

The only problems we've had is a missing Playstation 3 and an LCD - monitor that no longer works - however, Dave @ Rainier has been very helpful so far in starting the claims process and such to get the above mentioned pieces replaced.

All in all - we are very happy with the move. Everything was done in a very timely fashion - and Dave was very helpful when we ran into a bit of a snag with our US bank in getting payment to them for the move. In reading some of the other horror stories here - we're quite pleased that we only had such minimal breakage in our move.

Cheers -

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Re: **Successful move US -> Norway using Rainier OS

Postby Diane » Wed Sep 19, 2007 1:26 pm

Thanks so much for this review, which I'm adding to the Rainier review thread. For those interested, this is the runup to your decision to go with Rainier - If you see this and would like to add anything such as the price you paid, please do so.
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