Moving USA-Czech Republic with Rainier

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Moving USA-Czech Republic with Rainier

Postby bielcik » Wed Sep 19, 2007 9:38 am

Dear Friends,
I would like to report about my succesfull moving from New Haven, CT to Praha, Czech Republic.
First I had only one criterion and this was a price for the moving, since
I had to pay it myself. However after reading horror stories on web and here on the forum I got a bit scared. I was short of time and therefore I went and asked for a quote a couple of companies on WEB and also 4 companies recommened here.
The offers for moving 350 cubic feet of my staff differed from
2600-8000 $. I wanted to go cheap and quick so I have selected
Rainier Overseas Movers, since they offered me a deal closest to my wish.
They offer was $3390.00 for 20ft exlusive container to Prague terminal.
I could load it/uloaded myself and they promised delivery 25-39. This was much faster and safer,compare to other companies where I would share container. Since they did not mind that I occupy only 1/3 of container I did not care about exact volume at the end and it was very practical.

They organize pick up of my stuff on 29-August at 9:00 and the company TSI from NJ did arrive at time. I had 4 hours for loading. I managed in 2
since everything was in U-Haul boxes. :D Mostly I communicated with Doug Wiviott and he responded my emails and phonecalls quickly.

The original estimate of travel was:
Cutting off 8/24, sailing > 8/29 and arriving 9/11.
This sound too optimistic to me, but fine why not.

They gave me a contact to company in Prague who made port-Prague part. It was Euromar Transport. They were very helpfull.
I paid them 43 euro for some extra release fees (I expected ~200$)
and on Sep Fri 14-th I could made a custom declaration. Although I was expecting to arrange my terminal-door delivery myself, they could deliver it to my door without extra costs and on Monday Sep 17-th, I received a container, sealed and all stuff was OK.

I am happy that it went very well and at the end it was only little bit more expensive that my cheapest offer from web but much faster.

I can truly recomend the company.

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Re: Moving USA-Czech Republic with Rainier

Postby Diane » Wed Sep 19, 2007 1:38 pm

Thanks so much for this good review of Rainier, which I've added to its review thread here - ... 1171#31171

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