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Ohio move - Leaders Moving & Storage

Postby ria » Sun Sep 30, 2007 11:44 pm

(I've posted before when I was moving to Ohio from DC/MD here.)

I recently did a quick move within the city of Columbus, Ohio. It was on 9-7-07, and I first contacted them around 9-2-07 or so. I was hesitant to move so quickly without doing extensive research first, but I was in a bind. I used the Yellow Pages, actually. I came across an ad that seemed reputable for Leaders Moving & Storage, and got a quote over the internet. They called me back and gave me a quote of $173. Once again, my move was very small; the same sterilite containers (about 17 this time), a mattress set, and some random household goods, like an ironing board and a large computer monitor.

My only gripe is that the movers (two young guys) didn't put my mattress in a bag or a box. I almost bought a mattress bag myself a few days earlier at the U-Haul place, but that was before I saw I would have to hire a mover. I thought I could move everything myself, but then I read some neg reviews on here of U-Haul. Once I saw I would have to hire a mover, I figured "Nah, let them get the mattress box." They didn't. Now, don't get me wrong, the mattress wasn't dusty, dirty or anything! But still, I just thought that should have been handled a bit more professionally for almost two hundred bucks. But I digress.

Everything went smoothly, the entire process took about 2 hours including travel time. The movers themselves were nice, and highly efficient & strong. I would recommend Leaders, at least for an in-town move.


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Re: **Ohio move - Leaders Moving & Storage

Postby Diane » Mon Oct 01, 2007 9:10 am

Thanks for this review, which I've added to the Superlist under Ohio. Interesting . . . I believe that Leaders used to be an agent for North American Van Lines but NAVL no longer lists the company on its website.
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Re: Ohio move - Leaders Moving & Storage

Postby Craigsoutplaying » Thu Oct 04, 2007 11:50 am

Leaders Moving & Storage had two locations, the main one in Columbus and a smaller location in Cleveland. The Cleveland office was sold and the new owners became North American agents. They later dropped the name of Leaders. So, that's a little history update.

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Re: Ohio move - Leaders Moving & Storage

Postby Diane » Thu Oct 04, 2007 3:04 pm

Thanks - but the www.leadersmoving.com website still lists both locations (Columbus/Worthington and Cleveland) - http://www.leadersmoving.com/contact/
What is the new name of the former Leaders Cleveland office, please, so I can update the Superlist?

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Re: Ohio move - Leaders Moving & Storage

Postby TheTruthHurts » Thu Oct 04, 2007 4:09 pm

Original office was called
6909 Engle Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44130

Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :
English, Steven
7455 Alta View Blvd
Columbus, OH 43085
Phone: 614-785-9595
Fax: 614-885-6877

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