moving in progress(?) with oz moving - need advice

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moving in progress(?) with oz moving - need advice

Postby elaine123 » Mon Oct 22, 2007 7:55 am

i am moving from nyc to houston and used oz to ship my stuff. they picked everything up on oct 2 in nyc. they told me multiple times that i should get my stuff today oct 22 or tomorrow oct 23 although i request an earlier date. yesterday i supposedly talked to the "driver" and asked where on the road he was. he repeatedly says he needs to look at my contract. i ask how a contract tells him where he is on the road. once again he says he needs to look at this contract. he then says everything should arrive wed - fri sometime. i am getting worried that they have not even left nyc which i think is highly likely.

unknowingly i paid for the move in full and am worried that they wont deliver until months later or just lose all my boxes. also, during the pick up in nyc the movers supposedly got a parking ticket which i didnt get to see at the time and i had to pay for. has oz been known to fake parking tickets? does anyone have advice on how to get a firmer date on when they would arrive? any advice is appreciated

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Re: moving in progress(?) with oz moving - need advice

Postby Diane » Mon Oct 22, 2007 8:48 am

Please keep us posted. We list Oz with a "Caution" symbol before its name on the Superlist linked to below my name because of this type of thing. 20 days is too long between NYC and Houston at this time of year, unless you told Oz to hold your things in storage for a while after pickup. I'm almost certain that you will get your things eventually. Regarding the parking ticket, most likely the movers did get one and the usual policy is that the customer is asked to pay.
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