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Re: Reviews of Shea Moving Corp. (New York City)- Second move is fab!!!

Postby GailR » Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:18 am

This is an EXCELLENT company to do business with. I moved with them from Secaucus, NJ to NYC about 1 1/2 years ago. It was a small move with only 2 guys. (Keep reading this post that includes my second move with them, which was MUCH bigger)

The 2 men were SUPER professional, knew what they were doing and EXTREMLY efficient. The whole move cost me about $500. It was reasonable and did NOT go over estimate. They also didnt break ONE thing. Crap happens during a move.I understand that. But they just really took great care with my stuff. The move was painless and professional.

Fast forward 1 1/2 years later. Brian, the owner, came to our apt (1,000 sqft 2 bedroom) and gave us an estimate for a move 32 miles into Long Island (NYC to Woodbury). Although we have not moved yet (7/28/10) I just wanted to say that they have been professional, on the ball, attentive and kind. I have nothing but wonderful things. to say. I will update after the move. But there is a reason I am moving 2x with them. I also like them. They are honest and hard working. I like spending my money with a company like this.

High High praise for a well ran, quality moving company. I am not dreading anything because of them. Again!

Update on my move of July 28th 2010. 1000sqft apt, 2 bdr, NYC to Woodbury LI.

I cant say enough wonderful things about how fantastic these men were. They were there EARLY. They were professional and hard workers. they were also really nice guys to work with. They were VERY attentive to special needs (I had a very delicate table they took extra care with). and worked quickly, efficently and pleasently.

They came prepared with everything they needed. But they really made quick work with boxes and furniture. They KNEW what they were doing and did it well.

On the other end. They were fantastic. They didnt blink an eye when we needed to put down a carpet, then pull it up once the bed was on it. They didnt blink and eye when we needed to move another cvarpet once the couch was on it.

They brought the boxes in on their backs (with ropes, it was amazing to watch). Theye were careful and thoughtful. They always were aware of where things were going and how to sort it at the house. They worked quickly but carefully.

AND! My estimate came in on the spot. I was quoted about $1880. The move was $1930, but I paid the estimate. We also got a 5% discount for cash. Seeing all the hard work they did we tipped $500 for the 4 +1 man move (we had 5 people on the NYC side, 4 pepole on the LI side). We basically gave them the $100 we saved by paying cash.

We also had a coffe and dognuts in the AM, as well as water and gatoraid and light snaks at the house. It was a HOT day and we wanted them happy. Happy movers = happy move.

I cant say enough positive wonderful things about how good this company was to work with. If we move again we will be calling Shea.
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Re: Reviews of Shea Moving Corp. (New York City)

Postby TsukiS » Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:55 pm

We used Shea based entirely on this site and the comments left here, and so I wanted to leave a rave review here from our recent move. My company was paying for the move, the quote came in under that amount, and I liked the vibe I got in communicating with Julie, so we booked them for our recent move from Upstate NY to NYC. I also wanted a locally owned business and a company familiar with NYC streets, stairs, and elevators.

The two men arrived 15 minutes early and loaded our third-floor two-bedroom apartment in about 3 hours. They were very careful with everything, and dealt really well with our cheap, screw-together rickety Target furniture. The amount they could haul was amazing! We met them in the city and they sent an extra guy to help with the unload, which made it a lot quicker considering the TINY elevator. The unload took about 2.5 hours, so the whole day (load, drive, unload) took 12 hours. They came in a little over the estimate, but we paid the capped rate (which Julie had estimated based on apartment pictures I emailed her) and we gave just over a 20% tip.

The guys were all very nice, friendly, and professional, and Julie was very helpful over email. We definitely plan to use them again if possible in future moves.

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Re: Reviews of Shea Moving Corp. (New York City)

Postby Diane » Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:05 pm

Re-posting another rave review of Shea posted elsewhere on the messageboard:
8/5/10 - I want to also report a very VERY positive experience with Shea Moving. I found them after posting a request for quotation on an internet site, and being deluged by phone calls and emails from many moving companies. After talking to about 10 of them and doing some research (mostly on this site) I was very concerned what we had gotten into.

My move was a different situation than most reported on this site, and that is how and why Shea has earned my endorsement. My daughter needed to move a small amount of furniture from Columbus Ohio to NYC, a distance of approximately 600 miles. She is starting her first job out of college and so doesnt have a lot of money to pay for a move, or to buy new furniture. At the same time, the building she is moving into requires a professional moving company to move her goods into her apartment, so I had to find a firm that would do this at a reasonable price and on our schedule.

When I first talked to Julie Shea, she told me that she couldnt provide a competitive bid because they charge by the hour vs. by the pound, and then she recommended several other movers to contact. I appreciated this honesty. Unfortunately none of them could commit to my schedule and so I started seeking alternative approaches and called her back. She suggested that I move the furniture to northern NJ, and then she would have her crew meet me to transfer the furniture to their truck and complete the move, charging me for about 5 hours of labor (vs. 30 or move for the full move). This approach was very attractive and so I agreed to it.

When we arrived in NJ (at 630pm) we were met by Todd and Dave from from Shea, who were very professional and handled our furniture as if it was their own, carefully wrapping everything in moving blankets, packing things into larger boxes and so on. The following morning, their crew led by Ashish (not sure if this is the correct spelling) arrived right on time and very promptly moved all of the furniture to the apartment without damage, Throughout the move, they were very courteous and helpful, and were done in short order.

In summary, I cant say enough good things about Shea Moving. They are honest, customer-oriented and reliable. What more can you ask for? I would definitely use them again (and probably will, assuming my daughter needs to move again within NYC at some point). -

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Re: Reviews of Shea Moving Corp. (New York City)

Postby mordechai » Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:12 am

Shea Moving was fantastic from beginning to end. Truly above and beyond service. Just to walk you through our process. We cleared a Sunday move through the co-op of our new building and started gathering estimates. I don't think I'd ever felt more vulnerable. Every mover we looked at had horror stories about them online or was otherwise just Shaddy or uninsured. The few exceptions were way out of our budget. Ready to just rent a UHaul I was actually referred to Shea Moving by one of the bigger moving companies who'd been out of our range. I figured it was worth a shot and placed a call.

The first call I placed connected me to Julie who, if I understand right, owns the small company with her husband Brian. She was very informative and helpful in checking availability and worked with our difficult schedule to arrange for a 9:30pm free in home CAPPED estimate on a 2 day notice. She explained that the capped estimate was a binding max price, and that while the charges were hourly, they couldn't exceed the total estimate, we could only save if the move took less time.

The night of the estimate Brian himself came over after a long day on a different move. He was very pleasant, clearly new his stuff, and spent a significant amount of time going over everything with me. While other estimates we'd received took 10 min, Brain patiently took an hour of his time long after business hours to measure things out with me. Discuss packing strategies, work through why and how he arrived at his estimate, and even some time just for friendly conversation where he provided personal tips from his own experiences having lived near our new location. After all the unnerving experiences with other movers, we finally felt comfortable with a mover, and the price was very fare. It was not the cheapest estimate we'd received, but it was in our budget, and again it was capped, so no fear of a big hike later.

Then we ran into our first problem. The super from our new building decided to veto our Sunday move and was unwilling to budge. This was 3 days before we were supposed to move. I called up Shea moving and spoke with Julie again who worked with me to reschedule around our availability for a Wed move that same week. She shared with me that they in fact had another move scheduled for Wed, and that any other day would have been better for them, but because our schedule was inflexible they were going to work it out from their end to make it work for us and still honor their original estimate.

The day before moving day I called to confirm the move. I spoke with a woman, I think her name was Anna, who confirmed everything and walked me through the process of the day. She explained to me the payment process again. Shea moving avoids even the feeling of a scam by ensuring that the whole payment in its entirety is only payed after everything is unloaded into the new place and you've had a chance to inspect it. Payment was allowed via credit card, personal check, or cash (with cash having a 5% discount). Later that night, Julie herself called me to confirm the move and make sure I had no last minute questions.

Moving day: The movers were there outside 15 min early. And sure enough the actual moving started right at 9am when it was scheduled to. The moving crew was very friendly and seemed to know what they were doing. The foreman himself, however, started to have some serious knee pain. I've got to admit that I was worried by this, (though knowing the estimate was capped helped). Again, Shea Moving quickly worked to get passed this bump as well as they called in an additional worker and turned our 3 man job into a 4 man job at no additional charge. The foreman worked through his pain until we were totally loaded up on the truck before heading out to have his knee medically examined. The other 3 guys took a quick lunch break and arranged a time to meet us at the new location, 3pm.

Sure enough, exactly at 3pm they had pulled up in the Truck and were ready to start unloading. This is where we hit our final snags. Some of our furniture pieces simply would not fit through the narrow entrance ways of our new apartment. Rather then leave our stuff on the curb, the crew worked with out complaint or even a downturn in their spirits and friendly demeanor to help me to take apart the furniture (adding time that was not accounted for in the original capped estimate) so that we could bring everything inside. In the end the job took 3 additional hours over the estimate, but all our stuff was in good condition, and they wouldn't leave until everything was where my wife wanted it within the new apartment and the beds assembled. Payment wasn't awkward, and was very business like. The driver who had become the substitute foreman added up all the figures, showed us what the move would have cost had the estimate not been capped, and shared with us the bottom line cost. We were so impressed that we felt it was unfair to not tip more then the standard 15% since they had worked so above and beyond, not stopping or lagging the whole day. Nevertheless, when our budget didn't allow us the option of tipping more then the 15% there was no pressure or guilt from the movers.

The best complement I can give after the move is that by the end of the day we were left feeling like we had done the move with the help of our friends, rather then with a moving company. I have no hesitations recommending Shea Moving to anyone and would not think twice about jumping to use them again.

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Moved with Shea last weekend

Postby NYCFHMove » Mon Jun 27, 2011 3:16 pm

Don't doubt using Shea, they are professional and live up to their reputation.

We used Shea moving company to move from Queens, NY to upstate about 50ish miles. They arrived early with their truck and unfortunately all the neighbors took the spots, but they didn't look annoyed at all. Later on, cars were moved and they were able to snag a spot which was great. They came up the stairs and we spoke a little about the move and they got to work immediately.

These guys carried four boxes on their back, one guy carried a night table on his back without flinching. They had a tough move with the stairs, so it was difficult with heavy and large objects. But, we were literally filling wardrobe boxes and they were going up and down with all of our stuff.

We were very happy with the moving out portion. We had to wait a bit for them to come upstate, but NYC traffic is usually pretty bad. They unloaded even quicker! They also manuvered the large truck up our narrow driveway.

I stood by the door and directed them with the boxes and everything went extremely smooth!! Nothing was damaged (we had a large dresser, coffee table, night table, bookcase, wardrobe that were all wooden).

Thank you for a great and worry-free move!

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Re: Reviews of Shea Moving Corp. (New York City)

Postby Jeff.Walker » Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:30 am

This review came in through the comments section of the site:
I have moved numerous times but I have never had such a positive experience as I did with Shea Movers. I can not praise them enough. From Julie and Ana at the front office, to each one of the guys who was involved in my move, they were all extremely polite, efficient, careful and attentive to my needs. I don't want to ever move again, but if I do, my first call will be to Shea Movers.

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Re: Reviews of Shea Moving Corp. (New York City)

Postby GailR » Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:27 pm

Just one more update: I will be moving for the thrid time in 3 years. Yes. I'm OVER it.

But I have already contacted Shea about the move. The bad news for them is that I'm buying a house and wont move for at LEAST 10 years!

Will update after the move.

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Re: Reviews of Shea Moving Corp. (New York City)

Postby Betelgeuse » Mon Jan 09, 2012 10:59 pm

Count this as another rave review for Shea Moving. Shea moved us twice in the last ~15 months. The first time was from a storage area and house on Long Island into a Manhattan apartment. The second was from that Manhattan apartment to a house in Vermont. Every step of the way, they were incredibly professional, skilled, and everything was completely above-board. Both times, they gave us not-to-exceed estimates over the phone (after, of course, offering to come out to do an in-person estimate). For the first move, they came in well below that estimate. The second time, things took a bit longer on the unload and they only came in a bit below their estimate. The driver seem genuinely sorry for not beating the estimate by more!

At every step of the way in both moves, the movers were both quick and careful, assuring that almost nothing got broken. *One* cracked glass was the only casualty in two moves, and that was almost certainly due to our less-than-perfect packing than anything they did.

I really can't recommend these guys high enough if you're moving anywhere in the NYC area. They are incredibly reasonably priced (at least among honest, high-quality movers) and at every step of the way, they made me feel relaxed and confident about the move.

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Re: Reviews of Shea Moving Corp. (New York City)

Postby boston-to-nyc » Sun Mar 11, 2012 9:04 am

I reactivated my old account just to add my rave review of this company. Shea moved my stuff 3 blocks within Queens.

Brian came to my apartment and gave me a capped estimate. I asked for two estimates: one with them packing everything, the other without them packing. I am SO glad I decided to have them pack. They did an amazing job. The morning that they came to pack, they were on time, and they were very pleasant and professional. I have a lot of framed artwork, and they rapidly made custom-fit boxes by cutting and taping boxes together. They were FAST. They could create five boxes in the time it would take me just to think about how to do it. I just finished unpacking all the artwork last night, and I'm just in awe of their skill.

The next morning they came with their truck, right on time. They all had such good energy. I've moved many times, and most movers I've dealt with clearly did not enjoy their jobs - they just wanted to finish and go home. Everyone I dealt with from Shea was positive and cheerful. It really made a difference to a stressful experience.

In the busy days preceding my move, I hadn't internalized that the entry to my building had three steps down, so I didn't tell Shea. The day of the move, they had only one ramp on their truck, so they used it to go over the three steps. That meant that they didn't have a ramp for the truck, and each piece had to be handed down off the truck. I felt bad about this, but they had a positive attitude all the way.

Everything arrived intact, and they were very careful of my wood floors and freshly painted walls. I'm glad I had a capped estimate - the actual time and materials were a bit more than the estimate, so I paid the cap. Shea was great.

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Review of Shea Moving- April 2012

Postby GailR » Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:36 pm

This was my third move with Shea in 4 years. After so many life changes I told Brian and Julie I hope I never see them again :)

I have a review at the top of this page, but needed to add about my absolutly excellent experience with them.

My first move was in Oct 2008. 11 sqft aparttment in Secaucus to NYC. I can not say enough about how great the experience was.

My second move was June 2010 from NYC to Long Island (Plainview). They knew exactly how to manuver out of an apartment building and KNEW what they were doing.

My third (and please last) was when we purchased a home April 2012. From Plainview to Northport, NY. Anout 20 miles.

They were professional.
They were EARLY!
They worked their BUTT's off!
Professional. (yes. I already said that).

They didnt mind moving furniture to this side or that sode as I decided where to put it. The crew was experienced and helpful. They also respected my things. They were careful not to scratch the wood floors or the walls. They had an attenton to detal that I appreciate and that comes with experience.

I had a VERY delicate peice of artwork that they took a ton of time to wrap and take care of. It was a boat that was built into a glas frame. (5 feet long).

And the move lasted longer than the estimate so I only paid the capped estimate price. They came to our house and did a free estimate all 3 times.

I can go on and on about how fantastic they are, fair, family owned. But I think, at this point, you have read all the fantastic reviews. This is agreat company that will do right by you. My only sadness is I BETTER not move anytime soon, so I can't use them again. Best movers in the tri-state area.

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