One Mover Depot in Gardena is Unethical

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One Mover Depot in Gardena is Unethical

Postby StinkyKitty » Fri Nov 09, 2007 4:54 pm

One Mover Depot or 1 Mover Depot is a company that should be avoided for many reasons!

Address: 1245 W. 135th Street, Gardena, CA, 90247
License: Local License - 190197

1) Prior to the day of the move, the company said everything would be included in the quote that we were given. On the day of the move, they refused to move ANYTHING with glass in it unless we paid them $45 per item so that they could crate it.

2) They refused to unload our things from the truck until we paid them upfront for the entire move even though they and we didn't know exactly how many hours it would take for them to unload. They estimated that it would take the same amount of time to unload as it took to load (4 hours loading and 4 hours unloading). In the end, it only took them 2 hours to unload, so they had overcharged us by 2 hours and there was nothing we could do about it since they had already collected our money.

3) Many things ended up broken because they COMPLETELY disregarded boxes that were clearly marked "fragile." In the loading and unloading process, they carelessly threw boxes down.

4) To top all of this off, they brazenly demanded a bigger tip from us even though they did NOT deserve ANY tip.

THIS IS THE WORSE MOVING COMPANY THAT I'VE EVER HIRED. Please avoid if you can. They are many other companies out there that charge less and aren't as unethical and careless.

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Re: One Mover Depot in Gardena is Unethical

Postby farrah7031 » Fri Nov 09, 2007 5:39 pm

If you moved within CA, I'd report #2 to the CA PUC.

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Re: One Mover Depot in Gardena is Unethical

Postby coolgenner » Fri Nov 09, 2007 9:15 pm

Yeah, I had the same thing happen to me, but a different company and in New Jersey.

The tip is insult added to injury. I feel your pain.
New Jersey the cess pit of scummy movers!

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Re: One Mover Depot in Gardena is Unethical

Postby Nancy » Sat Nov 10, 2007 4:23 pm

I'd complain to the BBB too.

The CPUC may be able to help get some money back, and the BBB will cost them future business.

They are already a CC rating:

Pretty bad for a MEMBER of the BBB, so I'd complain to drive that even lower.

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Re: One Mover Depot in Gardena is Unethical

Postby Jimmyhtz » Fri Oct 17, 2008 5:33 pm

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Re: One Mover Depot in Gardena is Unethical

Postby 1moverdepotsucks » Sun Jan 03, 2010 5:57 am

I will begin by saying when the moving crew finally showed up they were fast and professional (thanks Willy and Shaun).

All of my issues stem from the dispatcher/manager Eli. We reserved an early moving time for 9am on a Saturday. I receive a message from Eli saying he is calling to confirm our move. I returned his call after 6pm but the office was closed. I received another call from Eli the following day saying that they have closed the schedule for Saturday and the crew will be coming from 12-1pm instead of the agreed upon 9am. Having no other option I agree to having them show up between 12-1pm. This rescheduling caused some serious problems with the rest of my day but I wont go into detail.

On moving day I call Eli by 1:05pm to ask where my moving crew is. He tells me the will call me in 30min with an ETA. I call Eli at 1:45 to tell him that i have not heard from his crew yet. He tells me to call them directly. I find out that the crew is still 45 minutes away and not finished with their last job. I call Eli and tell him that I would rather find another mover and he proceed to yell the following things at me:

1. No other moving will come to you in 40 minutes. "We move thousands of people every year" (i doubt it)
2. If we cancel now he will still bill us the $100 non-refundable deposit (um you were 3 hours late mother f#cker, you failed to deliver services based on the timeline YOU stated)
3. (yelling at the top of his voice) DOn't Push me!!! Don't push me!!!(this is a phone conversation so please dont mistake any physical violence is happening)
4. Call my office on Monday I am with my family, then hangs up.

Now my understanding is that if a company cannot provide a service at the time specified it is a breach of contract. Rather than accept that he could not deliver services under the agreed upon timeline and try to RECTIFY the situation he yells at his customers and holds them hostage because he has their credit card number.

Reluctantly I let the moving crew show up 3 hours after the time quoted by Eli.

I have not found one legitimate positive review of onemoverdepot online. Save yourself the headache and find some other moving service.

Do not use one mover depot. A deaf-must chimpanzee with a metal spike through its head could deliver better customer service than Eli.

I will be posting this review to as many sites related to moving as possible to stop people from using one mover depot in Gardena, Ca.

I hope this helps someone else avoid the same mistake. I only hope that I do not run into the same "creative" after the fact billing charges that other people have experienced.

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Re: One Mover Depot in Gardena is Unethical

Postby BigLeeCalif » Sun Jan 03, 2010 11:32 am

Apparently you all found them on the internet, because they are operating and licensed with the PUC and FMCSA as 1 Mover Depot, Inc.

Their website is under The picture of the truck on their website, with shoddy photo edit, shows the name as 1 Mover Depot.

I would be interested in knowing what company actually shows on your freight bill, because if it says One Mover Depot, they would be in violation of the CPUC dba regulation. Which means if they are licensed as 1 Mover Depot, Inc, and the paperwork says One Mover Depot, they are using a dba that should be on their PUC application.

I know it sounds insignificant, but that is how a lot of borderline companies skate on thin ice, they will change one letter or word in the name, and when investigated, try to get by on technicalities.

This company has only been licensed by the FMCSA since 2006, with 2 trucks. Apparently they don't get much business, with 20,000 miles shown as the annual mileage. That's 10,000 miles per truck, which equates barely 2 roundtrips to the east coast. No wonder they can't do local moves on time...

If you received binding estimates, unless you book within 3 days of your move AND sign a disclaimer allowing the move to happen on short notice without a visual, you do have a legitimate claim with the PUC. You also cannot be charged over the estimate WITHOUT A PROPERLY EXECUTED addendum.

Get all your paperwork together, and take them to the regional CPUC office in Los Angeles...

Located in downtown Los Angeles, the CPUC office (320 W 4th Street, 90013 – Suite 500) offers services to meet community and Southern California needs. It is open to the public from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday:

* General Information: 213-576-7000
* General Fax number: 213-576-7007
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