Boston to Atlanta - Part Three

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Boston to Atlanta - Part Three

Postby sdhughes » Mon May 17, 2004 5:36 pm

Hello folks.

Good news. You've already saved me $340! :)

If you recall, when I met with the Atlas / Duggan rep (Joe) initially, he said that the deal he was quoting me would be "better" than the "AAA thing." But recently when I told Joe that I was leaning in his direction for the move, I went ahead and asked him specifically what the Atlas / AAA deal actually is. That's when he told me about the free FVR (up to $70,000) and that my binding GNTE would be reduced by $340.

Very cool. I wouldn't have known to press on the AAA discount if I hadn't gotten feedback and insights from this board. :)

I hope to be as successful with Joe on the other things I'll be asking him about. Either way, I'll let you know if/when anything interesting arises.

By the way Tim, thanks for your offer to "kick butt and take names." :P

It takes some amount of courage for me to deal with all this stuff. All of the positive encouragement and support here have made a big difference already. I don't feel nearly as much like a helpless, clueless sheep :( going in amidst the wolves :twisted: .

-Grace :)

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Re: Boston to Atlanta - Part Three

Postby 23 » Mon May 17, 2004 6:48 pm


I believe I was the one that mentioned the AAA thing to you. Since it turned out to save you some money and to avoid being scammed, I ask two favors of you:

When your move is all over, please consider a donation to this site! Although none of us here benefit financially from this, it ensures we will have the ability to help others once you are all settled in peacefully! Lastly, please write your Congressman and ask him to support HR 1070, this will help put an end to the scammers!

We are all glad we were able to help you and save you money, we love those stories! We hope you will consider the favors when you are done!

23 :wink:

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