Hilldrup/United from Northern VA to San Francisco, CA

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Hilldrup/United from Northern VA to San Francisco, CA

Postby mwalker23 » Mon Nov 12, 2007 12:27 pm

I'd like to review Hilldrup (United Van Lines), based in Stafford VA, for our move from Northern VA to San Francisco, CA.

Firstly, I hope a new post review is allowed. Secondly, a big thank you to the moderators of this forum, who are doing a great job providing useful information on movers. I was involved in a previous move gone wrong and used this site to select Hilldrup for our move in early '07.

We moved a 2-bedroom apartment from Northern Virginia to San Francisco, including a baby grand piano. Total price was $7700, which included $884 for packing services and boxes, and $600 for insurance (no deductible I believe). We got quotes from a few other places that may have been a bit cheaper, but chose Hilldrup due to reputation. Overall, we were satisfied with their services, and would recommend them to others.

Our sales contact was Ben F. and he was outstanding.

On the day of the move, Crystal was the coordinator, Charlie and one female were our packing team, and the driver had two packers of his own. Every move day runs into issues of one sort or another, and the team did a reasonable job of handling them, with one exception -- some items were lost as a result of improper inventorying and packing.

We had three pick-up spots: the apartment, a storage facility, and a piano storage facility. To save time, the driver visited the piano storage facility the day before, and then went to the other storage facility. Meanwhile, the packers packed our apartment. This was convenient, but it made it difficult to confirm that all items were properly packed.

The truck ran out of room, so they began packing some items under the truck bed. Eventually, they needed a second truck. We arranged for the second truck to load the next morning. They were willing to do it that evening, but I had an extra day and did not need to rush.

I had packed some electric equipment back in the original packaging, and the packers did not re-pack in the Hilldrup boxes, maybe to make it easier to fit in that small storage area on the truck. They also failed to inventory 2 of these electronic items. This became a problem.

Unfortunately, these two electronic items were lost in transit, probably because they were not properly inventoried, complicated by the fact that the shipment was broken up into two trucks. Even worse, I was told that it would be hard to claim insurance value, because they were not on the inventory form. My advice to customers is to have someone present at each packing location to verify that every item was properly inventoried, because you will be responsible if something was omitted. This is difficult or impossible in situations like mine, where movers were packing at two different locations simultaneously, but anyway, be aware of this issue.

When the two electronic items did not arrive, Sharneice and one other Hilldrup employee worked to locate them. They were very helpful. Luckily, one of the items was found in a storage facility in Baltimore, and we received it in good condition only a few days later. The other item was never found, but more on this later.

Another issue during move day was the fact that our move-in date was misscheduled. This means that the truck would arrive before our new apartment was available. The driver and I found this. I could not get in touch with Crystal, so I called Ben, our sales guy. Ben handled the situation fantastically, and ensured us that it was a mistake on their part, our items would be stored without charge, and that they would arrive on the scheduled date as promised. Thanks Ben for making it less stressful!

Crown Moving performed the move-in in San Francisco. They did a great job of moving things in carefully, including the piano.

Damaged items:
- one char leg (broken)
- One chair (chipped)
- dented woofer
- mattress damage

- missing electronic item

I think the damage could have been avoided if the chairs were wrapped better, and if the mattress was properly boxed. We have a non-standard mattress and they decided to pack it in the truck cab, maybe because they were running out of space. This resulted in some damage, but nothing was major.

I am happy to report that we received full reimbursement for all items claimed missing or damaged. We purchased the full insurance. We had someone local come in to approve the damage reimbursement, and we had to do a little letter-writing before we got full reimbursement for the missing electronic item, but Hilldrup was very reasonable and helpful about the entire process, and I always felt we'd get reimbursed in the end, which we did.

In summary, I think the move team could have avoided a few of our issues if we did not have to break the shipment across two trucks. But, Hilldrup handled the issues reasonably well and we were happy with the service overall.

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Re: Hilldrup/United from Northern VA to San Francisco, CA

Postby ArchieWhite » Mon Nov 12, 2007 1:23 pm

Ben Frakes..... well known, well respected sales rep. Hildrup is about as good as they come, they have won numerous awards in the last 10-12 years, but nobody is perfect. If it were easy, everybody could do it.

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Re: **Hilldrup/United from Northern VA to San Francisco, CA

Postby 26 Miler » Mon Nov 12, 2007 9:07 pm

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to serve you. We at Hilldrup focus on taking care of everyone in the manner that we would want to be treated. If we can do anyting for you please feel free to let us know. Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity and we hope to serve you again someday.

Shannon Price, Director of Corporate Sales, Hilldrup Companies.
Shannon Price
Director of Corporate Sales

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Re: Hilldrup/United from Northern VA to San Francisco, CA

Postby farrah7031 » Tue Nov 13, 2007 10:08 pm

Thanks for your review on Hilldrup, and we've added it to our Superlist under VA.

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