Select Van & Storage Nationwide Movers - Awesome!

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Select Van & Storage Nationwide Movers - Awesome!

Postby FirstTimer » Tue Nov 13, 2007 9:22 am

I recently moved from Iowa to Michigan using Select Van & Storage (Mayflower) and the experience was painless.

I worked with Deb and Ron in the Des Moines office, Mike was my driver. Everyone kept me well informed of when they would do pickup and delivery as well as explaining the possible extra costs involved. My items were picked up on the 7th and delivered on the 11th, which was ahead of schedule.

My move was estimated at 3000 pounds to be safe but turned out to be only 2200 pounds so I have a small refund on the way. They offered to do an in-person estimate but because my items were in storage I instead had my uncle take digital pictures, posted them on a web site and had Select do the estimate that way. It was non-Binding because it wasn't in-person but I trusted they wouldn't screw me, unlike many of the scammers mentioned here, and they didn't.

Mike and his partner unloaded everything within 3 hours, zero problems. My only gripe is Mike had to call me a couple times for directions, the drivers should really take the time to print out something from Google Maps. Make sure to take the time to do the inventory checklist when your items arrive, I had a couple boxes we almost missed becuase they were packed way in the back of the truck.

Put in another vote for Select Van & Storage in the movers megathread, they did a great job.

BTW Mike said they do moves nationwide and another poster mentioned they are one of the largest out there so regardless of where you're from and where you're going to it might be worth the time to give them a ring.

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Re: **Select Van & Storage Nationwide Movers - Awesome!

Postby farrah7031 » Tue Nov 13, 2007 9:58 pm

Thanks for the review, and we've added your review under Iowa to the Superlist.

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