Complete move from New Jersey to Virginia

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Complete move from New Jersey to Virginia

Postby Foothills » Sat Dec 08, 2007 9:38 am

:D I want to thank all of you at this website for your advice, which I took to heart, especially what type of contract to look for. I also heeded your suggestions on tipping, for which I would not have had a clue. I used a basic five dollars an hour per person. I think the total came to $170.
We completed our move on November 15th and are still in unpacking mode as we try to balance holidays. We used Graebel, Randolph, NJ to move from New Jersey to Virginia. It was a little over 500 miles. They were very professional in the way they loaded and unloaded our things. (We did the packing.) The quote was a non-binding not to exceed estimate. They did the initial quote on 11500 pounds but we weighed in at 9800 pounds and that included a spinet piano so our cost was less than the initial quote. They were truly competitive in price plus they have a good reputation having been built on relocating employees of large corporations.
I have not found any damage or missing items to this point. The only complaint (and that was fixed) was the way they put together one of our recliners. I felt like Goldilocks when I sat in it and it fell apart. The driver immediately put it back correctly and it hasn't fallen apart since. I will say that any items I was particularly fond of we took ourselves in the car. The only other difficulty was they were later than expected because they took a wrong turn and there was no cell coverage to communicate so the unloading finished later into the night plus the driver was not aware he was to handle receiving the payment. That eventually got straightened out. As far as delivery they were very accommodating. They offered to deliver a day earlier than we anticipated but we declined. Lastly they did expect two additional persons to help at the loading but they never showed so it was all done by only two men. Three showed up at the unloading.
All in all it went very, very well and Graebel was excellent in all the important areas; skill, price and time frames.

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Re: Complete move from New Jersey to Virginia

Postby Diane » Sun Dec 09, 2007 4:42 pm

Thanks for your good review of Graebel in Randolph, NJ, which I've added to the Superlist linked to below my name.
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