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Postby Rnjada » Fri Dec 21, 2007 10:06 pm

I just wanted to come back to report on a move that I did in November. I chose Hampden Moving and Storage to complete my move from Abingdon, MD to Tampa, FL. So far everything has gone without a flaw. The moving truck showed up right on time. The staff was professional and curteous. One of the guys had to leave at the end of the day related to a health issue...it posed no problems for me. He was the driver of the truck, so they had to leave it parked in front of my house for an extra hour or so while they delivered another driver to me. The VP of the company (the same one who called me prior to my move to insure that all of my questions had been answered and to invite me to tour their storage facility) brought the new driver to my house personally and asked if everything had gone well and apologized for the inconvienience of the change in drivers (which, again, caused me no delay or inconvienience). All of the contents of my house are currently in their storage facility. We did find a house and will close on January 8th. I will update one more time once all is said and done and delivered. I have already recommended them to one other person who said the quote was great and she is using them in December for her move to PA. I will keep you posted.

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