ABF Lost My ReloCube

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ABF Lost My ReloCube

Postby jage » Mon Jan 07, 2008 11:55 am

We ordered 6 ReloCubes in Tucson hoping to use 4. We wound up using 5, and until the driver showed up to deliver them no one said a word about how bad of an idea using more than two is.

I'm planning on writing a full review about my ABF experience end to end, but since one has been lost the experience is starting to stretch out into eternity, and I'm starting to get pissed off.

Here's what happened. Four full cubes got picked up at our Tucson address on Wednesday 12/26 at about 9 am. At 11 am the driver picked up a fifth full cube and an empty.

We hit the road and about an hour outside of Denver contacted ABF. Friday 12/28 Carolyn informed me that all five were ready for delivery on Monday the 31st. Since there was a holiday we decided to take delivery on Thursday the 3rd of January. She also mentioned that the cube drop must be free of ice, and they would prefer free of snow.

I offered to let them drop off a cube or two on Wednesday if it benefited their schedule, but after checking Carolyn said they would prefer to deliver all five on Thursday. Unlike the drop off of the empty cubes, no time frame was given.

Wednesday the 2nd I spent 9½ hours chipping the ice and snow out of the driveway in anticipation of the cubes showing up bright and early. Our location is Northglenn which I'm told is quite close to the hub.

After pacing all morning wondering when the cubes would get here, I finally decided to call ABF. It was 11:50 am and Carolyn said, "You don't have an appointment," and she also admitted that they didn't yet have one of our cubes.

We went over the numbers to determine the missing cube and then I was assured the remaining cubes would be delivered "before dark" despite the system malfunction. I was a little surprised that Carolyn didn't remember our conversation as everyone at ABF is always surprised I have 5 cubes.

Instead of getting the promised call back from ABF about the delivery, at 4:24 pm ABF called. I was told at this time the driver would be at my place in one hour.

They called again at 6:17 pm. I was told at this time that "The driver got held up" and he was on his way to the yard. He would be at the yard in an hour to pick up our cubes and then deliver them.

At 8pm the ABF truck came and delivered three cubes from the original 4 that were picked up and the "5th" cube. Since they neither load nor unload in any particular order that I could see, and since at least a few transfers had surely been made this isn't surprising that the one was one of the "middle" cubes.

Since then I've had four conversations with ABF regarding the missing cube. At every turn I've been assured it is not lost, although they've given up on saying "We think it's at Baltimore" or "It's probably at Dayton".

ABF has known they didn't have the cube since Monday 12/31. My last call was 9am Mountain today, Monday 1/7. Again, MY call. I have yet to single call FROM ABF regarding the missing cube.

Worst of all they don't know where my cube is. Ostensibly they've been looking for it for a week. Since it's later on the East Coast those locations have even had a couple extra hours. No yard or location has located it and only now has it been escalated to "the people at UPack".

Apparently they have "detectives" and this happens occasionally. I was given the number for UPack and informed it might be difficult to get ahold of someone, but they would certainly locate my cube.

In the meantime I've put off hiring movers to unload my other cubes until the last minute (this afternoon) and we've been living without our refrigerator, both couches, washer & dryer, printers (for our jobs) and a laundry list of other small things that went into that cube. Unfortunately there was no "good" cube to have been lost, but this particular one hits pretty high on the inconvenience chart.

The worst is that some beautiful rainbow pillows my aunt made for our wedding were in there. I'll cry if those are lost.

I've been assured that there will be compensation for both the late delivery and the "it's-not-lost" cube, but that until the cube is located the process can't be started. I have no idea what kind of process or what type of remuneration will be available, but I'm leaving in two days for California which will leave my wife to deal with the missing cube and the second round of movers we will need to hire to unload it.

I can't tell you how distressed this all makes me. The advice on this site has been great so any support or recommendations would be welcome.



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Re: ABF Lost My ReloCube

Postby Diane » Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:03 pm

I know it's distressing, but don't worry - they will find the cube and they will take care of compensating you fairly for everything. ABF U-Pack is run by good people.

Why did you decide to go with 5 cubes rather than with a trailer? I think 20 feet in a trailer would have cost less and nothing would have been misplaced.

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Re: ABF Lost My ReloCube

Postby farrah7031 » Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:57 pm

Diane, I believe it was that he required storage.

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Re: ABF Lost My ReloCube

Postby jage » Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:33 pm

The question of storage of one or more cubes was up in the air at the time I was asking questions, (eg. 3 cubes to a house, the rest to a storage facility) but we managed to rent a house which has space we can use as storage.

So in the end there were a few major reasons (I plan to go into all this in my review, along with "why this was a not-great idea"):
1. I only read one account of advice saying "don't use so many cubes" and that was somewhat anecdotal.
2. In all my research I couldn't come up with any good reason not to.
3. The idea of my heavy garage items in the same space with my wife's furniture was unappealing.
4. With a trailer everything has to get loaded front to back, which means moving guys getting paid the whole time (in my case). Our goal was to pay moving guys to load all the heavy items we could not handle and then finish all the cubes ourselves. With a cube I can actually help, with a trailer I could probably barely get in and out to supervise (because of the ramp vs. the lip).

We wound up paying two people from eMove for 8 hours and having to finish all 5 cubes (well finish 4 and refinish the one they finished ourselves) and that is where the rub came. For cubes you have to finish each and every one, with a trailer you keep loading until the end and finish once.

On the unload it worked much better as my wife and I have managed to unload 80% or more of the four cubes we have on our own, leaving only the furniture and heavy items for the movers.

I was upfront with both movers about this, and they were both OK with the process, however the pain in the rear it was to finish each cube quickly became apparent on loading and took my wife an I several days to complete.

Had I know it would take 8+ hours to start the cubes and many more for my wife and I to finish them a trailer and a fully paid load and unload would have made more sense.

And guess what? Carolyn just called and said the missing cube was ready for delivery and would be here in about 3 hours. There was no explanation as to where it's been or what happened that it was gone one minute and waiting for a truck the next. Tut tut. We'll see.

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Re: ABF Lost My ReloCube

Postby ArchieWhite » Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:45 pm

I would be curious, since you ended up not needing storage, if you had to do it all again, would you do it all, or would you hire a professional?

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Re: ABF Lost My ReloCube

Postby jage » Fri Jan 11, 2008 12:46 pm

Put in a call today to UPack to see what kind of refund they are going to award for all of our trouble with this move. I don't know what all has been documented in their systems, but I seriously doubt it conveys all the stress and headache that we went through. I mean, come on, they lost our cube for an entire week!

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Re: ABF Lost My ReloCube

Postby jage » Wed Jan 16, 2008 5:57 pm

Well ABF made us a gigantic concession for all the trouble. $100. They're claiming that the 4 cubes were delivered within reason and since the 5th "missing cube" was actually sitting in Denver the whole time that's the best they can do. That doesn't even cover the cost of delivering over 4 cubes ($150).

The amount of "savings" was not nearly worth the trouble. Apparently they have little concept of how inconvenient all of this was, so I'm changing my answer to the previous question about using a full service mover.

I'm also not going to bother to write that review. Anyone who wants to use ABF can just figure it out on their own as far as I'm concerned.

Consider my rating negative.

Thanks MovingScam for all your help and everyone's advice!

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