connecticut to the philippines with rainier

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connecticut to the philippines with rainier

Postby 2philippines » Mon Jan 14, 2008 5:14 am

i relocated last july 2007. my shipment consisted of around 200cu ft of household goods and a full-size van ford e-250. the whole shipment required pick-up and packing from my connecticut residence and delivered to the port of manila in a 40ft container. in manila, i hired a local broker to take care of my shipments release from customs.

i contacted rainier, swi, stevens, and sterling. sterling's quote was too expensive. swi never replied. stevens took some info but never called back. and doug wiviot of rainier gave me the most reasonable quote and answered every questions i had over the phone and email at the time. needless to say, i went with rainier.

the local mover was rogovin (allied vanlines). they came and packed, and loaded all my household items on schedule. doug wiviot helped me work out a target date for pick-up and delivery based on the shipping lines schedule so that the shipment and i would arrive almost at the same time. but due to some typhoon off the coast of taiwan my shipment was delayed by a couple of weeks. OOCL, the shipping line kept me informed. when the shipment finally arrived in manila at the rescheduled date, customs had a little problem with the bill of lading. i called and emailed doug right away, he responded quickly and fixed the problem instantly.

when the container was opened in manila, i requested to be present to survey the items. everything looked good and my vehicle had no new visible scratches. i don't know how they stuffed that huge van in there but it went in and out without a scratch. and when my broker delivered my household items at home, i checked every item again and it was still well packed and no missing items.

all in all, my shipment went very well. rainier did an excellent job in keeping me informed and updated about my shipment. not to mention their very competitive pricing. i highly recommend rainier to anyone moving overseas. many thanks to doug wiviot!!

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Re: **connecticut to the philippines with rainier

Postby farrah7031 » Mon Jan 14, 2008 8:36 pm

Thanks, I added your review to our Superlist and our International Movers thread.

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