**Move from Paris to AZ with Rainier: a REAL success story

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**Move from Paris to AZ with Rainier: a REAL success story

Postby Yomala » Tue Jan 29, 2008 7:03 pm

Here's the account of our successfully completed move from Paris, France to Tucson, AZ. We were moving our small one bedroom apartment for the total volume of 249 cuft / 7 m3 in a shared container. The routing was through port Le Havre in France and port Houston at destination in the US.

The move contractor was Rainier Overseas Movers. Our main contact there was Doug Wiviott, tel. +1 800 426 99 28. The local agent in France was Neer Service, our contact was Cedric Zibi, tel. +33 1 48 35 47 00. The local agent in Tucson was Citizens Transfer, tel. 520 623 63 01.

We have obtained the price quotes from something like 8 companies, including the 4 international moving companies praised on this site. The European based companies were out of the game from the outset because they were quoting in euros and were generally at least 30% more expensive than their American competitors, due to the currency exchange rate I believe. Amongst the 4 companies recommended here, Southern Winds do not do any Europe to US business, Stevens were way too expensive and Sterling wanted to ship our stuff through Belgium for cost saving purposes and did not want to do any in home survey, since they only have the local agent in Belgium, as I understood.

As for our champion Rainier, they sent a local French agent straight away for the in home survey, and the manager appeared really knowledgeable and professional to us. Price-wise, Rainier were the second least expensive but they have kindly agreed to match the lowest quote of Sterling. So, our choice was quickly made!

The pick up date in Paris was 29 November 2007. The packing was all done by Neer service. These guys did an outstanding job! All our stuff has arrived in perfect condition, nothing missing or damaged. Not even the wine glasses!! Our special praise therefore goes to this team, they showed up on time, packed our apartment extremely efficiently in less than 3 hours and were extremely careful about everything! Even our neighbor, a retired manager in the construction business who has a lawsuit open against every possible service provider he ever dealt with, told me that our movers were very “soigneux” (careful, rigorous in French) and asked for their contact details!

Rainier estimated the move duration at 35 – 50 days. Our stuff has arrived at our home in Tucson on 21 January 2008. Exactly 50 days!! Perfect timing, particularly that there were Christmas and New Years holidays in between! Total volume of our goods packed and crated in port has turned out to be a little over the original estimate (and so was the final price?) but it appears that this is normal and the measurement is actually done and communicated by port people, not the movers.

In summary, we lived a move that was well prepared, went as expected, our things arrived on time and in good shape without us going broke!

We are happy to recommend Rainier Movers as an overall move coordinator and Neer Service for the excellent pack up job!

P.S. The funny thing is that I found this site while searching for references for Coral Sea Shipping who called us based on the online fee quote that we asked for at 123movers.com. At the time I was considering to go with the Coral Sea Shipping that turned out to be a total scam and this site has protected us from the thieves and directed towards reputable movers! Many thanks to movingscam.com founders and permanent contributors

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