Thank you, my move with Rainbow went great!

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Thank you, my move with Rainbow went great!

Postby johnnyk900 » Sun Feb 10, 2008 11:32 am

We put our house in Marlborough, MA on the market in Aug. 2007, and I immediately found and was able to start researching moving companies to move a 4 br house from Mass to the Raleigh NC area. I contacted Rainbow Movers, Humboldt movers and Gentle Giant, all local companies. Gentle Giant has had good reviews, but I had a hard time getting to talk to someone there, and never did set up to get an estimate from them. Both Rainbow and Humboldt sent estimators out within days after my contacting them, and their estimates were very close. We finally settled on Rainbow Movers from Franklin MA (who have had very good reviews in a number of posts on Movingscam). We had filled 2 storage units (10X10 and 10X15) in order to declutter for showing the house, so the mover had to make 2 stops. (The storage units were 4 miles from the house). The owner-operator of the truck is a direct employee of Rainbow, and was supposed to be at the house 12/27/2007. (The house had to be emptied that day, the closing was scheduled for 11 AM the next day, and of course the buyer is entitled to a walk through). Unfortunately, he got held up due to weather a few hundred miles away. But Rainbow came through, they sent a straight-body truck and 3 men on the 27th, and they were company employees, not temps. They emptied the house, and the actual interstate truck got to their facility that evening, and they transferred everything. The next morning, the driver and his crew got almost everything out of the storage units by the time we finished with the closing. We were told upfront that there was a 5 day window for delivery to Raleigh, so we had to "camp out" on an air mattress for a couple of days. When the driver got to our new home, he had his helper who travels with him, and 2 temps they got through the local North American Van Lines agent. They showed up at 9 AM, and were packed up and gone by 3 PM! It's been about 5 weeks since they delivered, and the only thing I've found damaged is the paper shredder, which I never got packed and was in the truck loose, so I really don't blame them. Even the largest objects were brought into the house without damaging either the item or the house. By the way, the estimate was done in Oct 2007, and the GTNE was $5986. When I called Rainbow in Dec. to actually book the move, I was told that the fuel surcharge had gone up, which I was warned about at the time of the estimate, so the price went to $6139, a difference of $153. The weight estimate was 14180 lbs, but after the truck was actually weighed, the price was reduced $156. So even with the rise of price in fuel (which, if you remember from Oct to Dec last year was quite intense) we came in a couple of bucks under the original estimate. I can't say enough good things about Rainbow, we were excited to move, but quite concerned about how it would go. Rainbow really came through, even when things didn't work out as planned. Two thumbs up, as the movie guys say :D

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Re: **Thank you, my move went great!

Postby farrah7031 » Sun Feb 10, 2008 4:56 pm

Thanks, I'll get your review added to the Superlist. Do you want to give the name of your estimator/Salesperson at Rainbow if you remember his name?

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Re: Thank you, my move went great!

Postby Diane » Wed Feb 13, 2008 9:28 am

Yes, thank you. Rainbow always had very good reviews here until we got one bad report about a small shipment to MN in the summer (see Superlist). At that time I removed its :thumbsup: symbol but now with your good report I'm restoring it.

For those interested, this is the runup to your move -
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Rainbow is a NorthAmerican agent & was a great choice!!

Postby smatwilly » Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:03 am

They are a good company! It doesnt surprise me that you were happy with their service! They've been around a while!

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