Browning Moving and Storage/United Van Lines

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Browning Moving and Storage/United Van Lines

Postby MsVicky » Sun Mar 16, 2008 2:54 pm

Back in the November/December time frame I came to this forum in hopes of getting information on a descent, honest, and trustworthy moving company for my move from Florida to California.

What a godsend this forum was! And the information provided on the blacklist was great!

Someone, I think it was Farrah, sent me a listing of ratings for some of the companies I was considering. Off of that list I narrowed it down to 3 choices and called each for an in home estimate.
Two of the estimates were fairly close in pricing and all the representatives were nice, but I have to admit one representative really stood out and made me feel very confident about using their company. His name was Steve Chapman with Browning Moving and Storage. He was professional, polite, informative, helpful, and answered all my questions and offered more than I had expected. His estimate was also the lowest of the 3 estimates I received.
I decided to place my entire life in the hands of Browning Moving and Storage/United Van Lines and I am extremely happy I did.

To start off I have to say something about my moving crew. They were Rob, Jason, and Willie. They were fabulous! They were clean, well mannered, and polite. They really knew what they were doing and we had a great time while they were doing it! It was like having a party, they were energetic and funny and just a joy to have in my home for that time. When they left that day I was sorry they couldn't have stayed longer!

My delivery team was great as well and we had fun during the unload too!

The office manager with Browning, Wendy Klukowski, was on top of everything and did a great job of keeping me informed every step of the way and making my move virtually stress free. She was the picture of a perfect, caring, professional individual and I am truely thankful to her for all she did with my move.

My weight came in a little under the estimate which is what Steve expected and it made my move cost even less than what I had anticipated. That was great news too!

I did have 3 items out of an entire housefull with some damage but nothing I would consider major and again there was Wendy doing what she does best, making things happen. I faxed in my claim which totaled, a whopping $268, and I had a check within 3 days for the claim. I couldn't believe it!

I have to say if anyone is considering any type of move I would highly recommend Browning Moving and Storage. They made my move stress free and enjoyable. I just can't say enough about this company!

If you are moving contact Steve Chapman at and he can get things set up for you no matter where you are!
You can also contact Wendy Klukowski at or you can call Browning and ask for either of them at : (863)683-6494.

To those of you on this forum that helped me with the information, I give you a big hug and say thanks a million! I couldn't have done it without the information this forum provided.

To Browning Moving and Storage I can't say enough, it was truely a fun,stress free, and enjoyable experience.

Thank you to everyone!
Vicky Osburn

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Re: BrowningMoving and Storage/United Van Lines

Postby farrah7031 » Sun Mar 16, 2008 4:09 pm

That's wonderful Vicky! Thanks for coming back to post your review. I've met many of the folks at Browning and they are a class act.

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Re: **Browning Moving and Storage/United Van Lines

Postby chaz4moving » Sun Mar 16, 2008 6:23 pm

Did you send a similar note to Browning Moving & Storage? If not, please do. The folks @ Browning Moving & Storage will appreciate your positive feedback. If you already let them know how pleased you were with the move, thank you for doing so. Far too often, moving companies only hear from customers who have problems. Obviously, they love hearing from happy customers.

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Re: **Browning Moving and Storage/United Van Lines

Postby MsVicky » Sun Mar 16, 2008 7:08 pm

I did send a copy of this post with a link to this site to Wendy at Browning. I wanted the entire team at Browning to know I think they are a 5 star moving company!

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Re: **Browning Moving and Storage/United Van Lines

Postby Diane » Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:50 pm

I'll be sure to add your review to the Superlist as well. For those interested, this is the runup to your move and it says that you moved from the Tampa area, so I assume you used Browning's Lakeland office -
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