Moving from Reno USA to Peterborough UK

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Moving from Reno USA to Peterborough UK

Postby pscowen » Sun May 11, 2008 6:46 pm

I had three quotes and three assessors come round and give me a survey.
I found that Sterling although not the cheapest, they were very competitive against the lower end of the quotes I received. What stood out for me was the level of communication, professionalism and efficiency from Sterling and that was an important factor in my decision to use them.
Packaging starts tomorrow and I decided to let them pack everything. I am wary of insurance claims and wanted to be certain that I would be covered for all possibilities. I do not want to enter into an argument that the item was damaged by me during packing so what better way to go than get the company to pack for me.

I will send a follow up once my furniture arrives back in the UK and let you all know how it went.
The first part has gone very well and I am very happy and feel pretty secure in the company I have chosen.
My contact was Anne Marie at Sterling International on (302) 762-2896
I am posting to let other individuals know about Sterling because I was very anxious with whom to choose or even contact after reading through the posts on this forum.

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Re: Moving from Reno USA to Peterborough UK

Postby pscowen » Mon May 19, 2008 5:32 pm

So far so good.
The container was delayed by a few days due to issues beyond Sterling's control in Oakland but they e-mailed me and phoned me to let me know what was going on.

The local agent for Sterling came on Thursday and packed everything into a 20 x 10 container. The furniture weight came in quite a bit under our ceiling of 7000 LBS but I am happy with the exclusive use of the container. We paid a flat rate fee up to the ceiling weight.
The local agent was Colonial Moving and storage in Reno. Fantastic guys - I brought them all lunch. To watch them maneuver a 350lb 8 ft tall 8 ft wide oak headboard down the stairs and out of the house with only 2 inches of clearance in some places was phenomenal. They didn't even touch the walls!

When I had the headboard delivered after I initially purchased it, the walls were marked all the way up to the bedroom.
The difference between the removal and the installation was staggering.

Everything was wrapped up very well, I watched them do the bulk of the moving as I was on the computer downstairs and I can see the stairwell.
Even my wife was impressed and that takes a lot of doing!!!
Container should ship from Oakland soon and we are just sorting out the last of the paperwork and we are off ourselves.
Update when my container arrives back in the UK.

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