chicago to cambridge, ma

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chicago to cambridge, ma

Postby lettezilla » Mon May 12, 2008 11:25 am

hi everyone, this website has been an absolute godsend so far, and i just wanted to ask a few questions that are stewing around my brain. we have a 1+ bedroom, aren't planning on moving much, if any of the furniture, and only moved from the UK last year so don't have that much stuff compared to the average joe.

we're moving for a job at a university, and they provided us with a list of movers they like, who got in touch with us and had local agents come out and give estimates. i can't remember the third, but one was reebies/allied and the other was whalens. i also got in touch with graebel. not to tar all moving companies with the same brush, but as a (married) woman that is taking the lead in organizing this, the guys that i've worked with were clearly not interested in talking to a woman. the reebies guy almost wouldn't come out when he learned that my husband wouldn't be there for the estimate, then succeeded to say my name wrong 4 times in 10 minutes even after i corrected him. i know he's not doing the moving, but if he's the best representation they can send out, i really can't imagine dealing with that if something goes wrong!

in any case, the best estimate was from graebel in several ways. the rep turned up on time (in a blizzard, no less), did the estimate and printed out a detailed list on the spot-- she was the only one who detailed what weighed what and what cost what, so it was really transparent. after deciding to ship our books by media mail, we got the estimate to about 2800 lbs for $3548 including shuttles at both ends. this was at least a thousand less than the other estimates, and about $2000 less than the reebies estimate (sorry i don't have the details, after he was a jerk and his estimate was so high i just threw it away).

but in talking to friends and family, i've suddenly had a total panic about the fact that we're spending over $3000 on moving, and that doesn't include furniture or books. i understand the fuel situation, and i don't feel like we're getting scammed, i just don't know if that's within my pain threshold. so i've been thinking of other options.

-- drive ourselves. i'm not sure how i feel about driving a big truck through these cities and the mountains. i'd do OK with a regular van, but haven't found anywhere that will do a 1-way rental of a van. does anyone know a company that would do this?

-- ABF seems like a good option, i think we'd need 7 linear feet maximum which works out a lot less than graebel. we live on a little street and are moving to a little street, so i'm worried about door-to-door, so would probably do terminal-to-terminal and then either rent a van or hire local movers to do those bits at each end. does that make any sense at all?

-- were still going to ship stuff media mail as much as possible, but i don't think we can send everything else by mail since we don't have anyone at the other end to receive our stuff (we also have a full week between when we're out in chicago and in in cambridge so mailing everything to ourselves might not work)

thanks for reading my rambling, this is all just going around in circles in my head, so any advice from people that know more than me will be most welcome!

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