Move Review: NY to CA -- Hall Lane was fantastic

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Move Review: NY to CA -- Hall Lane was fantastic

Postby Scottso25 » Sat May 24, 2008 2:06 pm

I have recently moved from Long Island, New York to the East Bay, CA. In doing such a huge move, my wife and I vetted multiple moving companies before settling on Hall Lane Movers. (Out of Commack, NY). The Move exceeded our expectations (especially after reading some things on this board) and I just wanted to give them their due by writing a review of the move. I will try to be fair and give the good and bad, but overall we were so pleased from start to finish.

When we first met with Hall Lane, Ralph was the estimator that the company sent over. He was just a great guy and very personable. I was surprised with his style because he really went through everything. At this point in our search we had already begun to pack some boxes, and he lifted each box to get a feel for the weight, looked in every single cabinet including the silverware draw to make sure that everything was accounted for. His feeling was that it was better to overestimate and be under than visa-versa. In the end, his weight estimate was one of the highest, but oddly enough the company's price quote was lower than some of the other companies. (We did not have any bad experiences with estimators per se, so I do not want to name any the competition.) The only problem that I had on that first day was that Ralph's printer was broken(?) so he was not able to give me a written estimate. I did take down the exact weight he quoted and the price. Since my wife and I still were not moving for two-months I did not worry.

Ralph had given us the name of the in-office customer service rep for our move. Her name was Tara and throughout the move she was very helpful. As time moved forward I was initially getting worried because we had not received the written contract in the mail. As it turned out there was a personal situation and Ralph needed to take a leave of absence. While I wish we could have continued to work with him because he was such a pleasure, I fully understood the situation. I then proceeded to have contact with Tara solely and after a few back and forth phone calls, she emailed me the contract/estimate. This is where I had my next slight problem. My wife and I were initially going to move to San Francisco, but because of a multitude of reasons we chose the East Bay instead. When I told Tara this, she said that this would affect the price (in a positive way), but it took awhile before I received a new contract/estimate. While we did receive the accurate estimate with the lower price in time, it take a bit of back and forth and wished that it could have been a little smoother. (Again -- overall it was no big deal.)

Moving day came and the movers arrived around 9:00 or so. Our driver was Justin Griffith and he brought a mover from Hall Lane with him. HUGE NOTE: It should be noted that Hall Lane does not use their own drivers. Justin was a United driver and not associated with Hall Lane. While this was no problem at all for my wife or I, I thought it should be mentioned.

The move was real easy and Justin was a fantastic mover. He was a blast to talk to and very knowledgeable in a range of subject matters from art to history, etc. A great person overall and shared many stories of his previous moves. One thing that I really liked with Hall Lane was that it was the same truck, same driver. So I knew that once everything was loaded up, it would remain in the exact position for the whole trip and I knew that on the receiving end I would once again see Justin's familiar face.

We received the items about 9 days later and that went even smoother. (Probably because we have an elevator now!) A few boxes were a little crushed in, but were due to packing problems (we packed everything) than mover problems. (Nothing was damaged in the boxes) All the furniture arrived in great condition with one exception. We own a very oddly shaped couch. It is about 8 1/2 feet long and very narrow. It is a pain to move. When we moved into the NY house it took us hours to try and figure how to get it upstairs. Thus the movers had some difficulty with it as well. I wouldn't say that the couch has been ruined or even majorly damaged, but if you look underneath you can see it took a few bumps, and it creaks a little now and again. Overall though, the return move was fantastically smooth.

The last comment I have is in the billing. We decided to pay the bill via Credit Card in order to get the points for the large dollar amount. This was a good and bad idea. The weight as initially suspected was lower than estimated (YAY!) but we were charged (as per the contract) for 110% of the estimate since we went the credit card route. We were eventually refunded the $200 or so dollars difference for the lower weight, but it did take a few back and forth calls with Tara. I wish it could have been done quicker, but it was done and there was never any problems with the refund just a slight delay. I tried my hardest to give a fair review. I wanted to make sure I did point out the negatives so it didn't seem completely glowing, but I do want to make sure it is known that from start to finish I thought the move was great and Hall Lane highly exceeded my expectations. All the negatives were dealt with and no hassle (just a slight delay) and everyone that we worked with was a pleasure. Ralph was just a wonderful person, Tara was very helpful and kind throughout, and Justin was a top-notch mover and driver. So if I had to give a grade I would say a 9/10 for a solid A rating. Use Hall Lane Movers, and I think you will be pleased. Thanks!


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Re: Move Review: NY to CA -- Hall Lane was fantastic

Postby avenger19702002 » Sat May 24, 2008 3:48 pm

Thanks alot for your input

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Re: **Move Review: NY to CA -- Hall Lane was fantastic

Postby Diane » Thu May 29, 2008 2:37 pm

Yes, Scott - thanks so much. Archie White, if you see this, could you please find out who Justin Griffith drives for so I can give them credit as well as Hall-Lane? Thanks.
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Re: **Move Review: NY to CA -- Hall Lane was fantastic

Postby ArchieWhite » Thu May 29, 2008 3:48 pm

I can try to find out, it would be sooo much easier if Scott would PM me with either his last name, or the reference number on his shipment.....

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