Review of Atlantic Relocation (Atlas Agent) in GA

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Review of Atlantic Relocation (Atlas Agent) in GA

Postby swoozies » Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:12 pm

Sorry for the late review…but I hope this helps anyway..

I moved from GA to WA in May this year. After getting quotes for a two bedroom apartment (packing and moving) from three agents we decided to go with Atlantic Relocation (an Atlas agent). The movers were scheduled to come on 5/15 and they arrived at 8 am. The driver wasn’t sure if the truck would fit in the parking lot but I assured him it would since we’d moved there the year before and didn’t have any problem with the 18 wheeler getting in before. So it was the driver plus two other men. They started by around 8.30 am and finished by around 3.30 pm. They seemed kinda slow but they packed everything well and everything went all right so no complaints there. The driver gave me his number and said that I could call him if I had any questions about when our goods would reach WA, but since our stuff was scheduled to go into storage in WA for about a week I wasn’t worried about it getting there quick. On 5/30, I got a call from another driver who asked if he could come and deliver our goods since he was in WA. I told him he was supposed to drop off our stuff at the Atlas warehouse in WA but he wasn’t aware of that. So I called the relocation coordinator who I’d been dealing with all along and she told me that driver who was scheduled to drive our stuff from GA to WA couldn’t make it so they’d given the stuff to another driver but he wasn’t told about the storage. Anyway, she spoke to him and cleared up the matter. I’d scheduled the delivery for 6/6 which was done by Ace Relocation. They showed up at the scheduled time (driver plus 2 men) and were pretty quick.. I think they got done in about 2.5 hours. Everything was fine until I received the final bill from Atlantic which included a shuttle charge. I spoke about that in my previous post ( ). However, that matter was finally settled and besides that, everything else went smoothly.

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