Great Experience with Allied out of Wilsonville, OR

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Great Experience with Allied out of Wilsonville, OR

Postby Patti » Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:07 am

I moved from Beaverton, OR to Lyon, France in April. I was worried about the shipping company as it was a big move and fast approaching. I was so thankful for the advice on this website, and I want to repay everyone by sharing my experience. I think it is faster for choosing a company if people post their positive experiences as references.
I used Allied Van Lines as my international mover and my local agent was Prestige Moving and Storage in Wilsonville. They packed most of my things, but I packed alot of the little knick knack ornaments which I think saved us a lot of time. My things went in a 20ft container and we followed it to their office to get the final weight of the shipment. They called the next day with the cost. They had overestimated the weight, so we ended up with a slightly higher rate than quoted, but still less than the original estimate. I think they have to make a certain amount of money for the overseas shipment with a container. Anyway, I had full coverage insurance and extra mechanical derangement protection as well. Everything went smoothly although I don't think the office personnel was very experienced in the insurance department. Our things were due to arrive in approx one month. Well, France had a port strike at that moment which lasted several months. My things went to Italy for awhile, then to Spain for awhile as we were waiting for an opening in the port schedule in France and things are not allowed to sit on the boat. Thank God my stuff was all in one container!!! It was getting moved around much more than it should have and I was afraid of what I would find upon delivery. Finally, on July 4th, my things made it to my new home but this was no fault of the shippers. Surprisingly everything was in perfect condition. javascript:emoticon(':D') The destination agent was very helpful and we enjoyed working with them during unpacking. We didn't unpack everything but did inspect the furniture and opened some boxes. No damage at all. Even my TV, DVD player, CD player and Stereo works just fine. I am very happy with this move and would definitely recommend them for long distance moves.

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Re: Great Experience with Alllied out of Wilsonville, OR

Postby ArchieWhite » Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:49 am

Where can I buy some of that mechanical derangement protection, I've got some employees that could use that.

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