great experience with Southern Winds (L.A. to London to Morocco to Berlin)

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great experience with Southern Winds (L.A. to London to Morocco to Berlin)

Postby keenast » Sun Aug 17, 2008 2:16 am

After much research and reading tons of posts here on this forum we decided to contract with Southern Winds International for our move from L.A. to Europe (exact place wasn't decided until a year later!).

Now that all our things (lots of them) safely arrived at the final destination - Berlin/Germany - I finally have time to post about my great experience with Southern Winds. Really great. Not only did we not know for a long time where all our stuff is going to end up - during this year we needed a number of boxes with my recording equipment separated and shipped to Morocco for some film shoots and then back to join the other things. This was all very very complicated and Southern Winds (our man was Donovan Woodruff - highly recommended) was really really helpful.

Again, I can't say enough good about everything they did. They did not have the lowest bid, they were somewhere a bit below the middle - but they were worth the money, every penny.

Two things one should know: let the company they use to pick up and pack your stuff do their job. We were scared about our fragile and prescious things, musical instruments, high tech gear etc. and packed a lot of it ourselves. Just have to say they do it as good if not better!

The other thing one needs to know is that Southern Winds doesn't take credit card payments. Not a big deal, but it took us by surprise as we had monies already transferred overseas.

Donovan was great in keeping us updated and we really appreciated his patience and cool.

Karl Lohninger, currently Berlin/Germany

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