**Report on my move OR -> MA

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**Report on my move OR -> MA

Postby mvff » Thu Aug 21, 2008 4:37 pm

Hello all,
I am reporting on my move from OR to MA. I used ABF U-Pack for my stuff and Coast to Coast for my auto.

Coast to Coast was very nice, they did door-to-door. My quote was $1500 (would have been $1400 if I locked in the week before :p). Their flatbed truck subcontractor picked up right when they said they would, did a very thorough inspection of the car, and loaded it up.

At the last minute, I decided I wanted my U-Pack trailer a day earlier so I could have a little extra time to look it over. On Monday, I called to ask for it Wed instead of Thurs. They said OK, and it was even $50 cheaper.

We got the trailer, and on Friday, I got a bunch of friends to help load (and to help pack all the stuff we thought we would have packed already). It spilled over into Saturday, because it was a lot of work.

We ended up going 18 feet (which was below our 21-foot original quote). I had been a bit worried about fitting our 4 BR house into it, but our friends did a very tight job packing. It was pretty tricky getting the big tarp up top but we did it by hanging ratchet straps across the top, and putting the tarp over them, and taking them down incrementally. I put a tarp on the bottom too. We used Home Depot ratchet straps every 6-7 feet or so to tie off the load.

We drove across the country (with the 4 kids, that's a whole 'nother story to tell) and got there on the other end 8 days later. The Coast to Coast people were right on time on Monday and we arranged a place that was mutually agreeable (which was tricky because we were in 3 different places that day, so it was all about timing; we ended up at a KMart parking lot). There was a little rock chip scratch to one bumper, but that was about it.

The UPack trailer was actually early. We got it dropped off Tuesday afternoon and had movers there that evening. City Moving (a local Boston company) supplied a crew of 4, and they unloaded the truck in about 3 hours. They were very nice and hard-working.

The stuff made it through pretty well. The only thing that I found quite alarming was that when I was cleaning up the tarp, I found a big rust spot on the floor in the front right corner of the trailer (about the size of my footprint). Also, I noticed that my wooden entertainment center and my wooden dining table, which were sitting in that corner, had little black spots around the bottom parts, where the moving blankets were. At first I thought it was just rub-off from some dirty blankets, but then I went to clean them and they seem to be under the finish, so I am suspecting that there may have been a water incursion and the blankets there got wet, causing mold to grow.

If not for that, I would have given U-Pack a great review, but water-tightness is something that's a little too important to overlook.

More details when I have time.

Thanks for all of your help!

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Re: Report on my move OR -> MA

Postby Diane » Thu Aug 21, 2008 4:43 pm

Hi - I'm glad to hear that things went well generally.

If you're sure that the black spots won't come off your wooden furniture, and you think that they came from moisture getting into the trailer, you could try notifying ABF. In the past they have been very reasonable about trying to make things right, as long as the customer was being honest. (The passenger side front corner is a common place for roof leaks since tree branches can hit the roof on that side.)

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Re: Report on my move OR -> MA

Postby mvff » Sat Jun 06, 2009 11:57 am

Hi all! I hope everyone's moving is going well this season. I haven't been back here much. I wanted to report, quite belatedly, that ABF was very quick and no-hassle about paying out a damage claim for my furniture; I didn't ask for very much (I had $1/lb coverage).

The one thing I wanted to tell everyone is that my dresser, which had staggered drawers (like, three on the top row, two wider ones on the second row, etc.) actually sustained fairly significant internal damage, which I think was caused at least partially by my leaving all the clothes in it. The drawers were heavy and the screws that hold the rails that hold the 2nd row drawers up got pulled out. This probably wouldn't have happened with a non-staggered drawer, and also the drawers were big so there were a lot of clothes. But I thought I'd report on this just for everyone's information.


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