ACE Relocation Systems, Inc., of Long Beach, CA

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ACE Relocation Systems, Inc., of Long Beach, CA

Postby carl65535 » Sat Aug 30, 2008 6:26 pm

Out of respect and gratitude for this tremendously useful Web site, I would like to post our review and recommendation of ACE Relocation Systems, Inc., in Long Beach, CA. They're agents of Atlas.

ACE moved our 7500 or so pounds from Orange County in Southern California to Portland, Oregon (1,000 miles) in July, 2008. The bill for the move was $4385. The fuel surcharge may have been peaking just about then.

Our sales rep, Larry Buckle, is a very personable, seasoned pro. His presentation seemed intelligent, efficient, and persuasive. We asked many questions, which he answered with seeming ease and authority. The weight estimate took about an hour. Documents were printed immediately, on a small, very nifty-looking portable printer.

Larry emphasized that his business card included his cell phone number, which we were to feel free to call whenever we needed to talk to him. We also had the office number of a move coordinator at ACE.

Once we chose ACE, Larry returned the next day in his pickup truck with a generous supply of boxes (all kinds, including wardrobe and mirror paks); several large rolls of good packing paper that proved especially useful; and some tape.

On loading day (which we had selected) our driver, Jesus Sandoval, arrived with two helpers. All the guys were terrific. They moved very fast, but were always courteous and friendly. They covered the carpet where they'd be walking on it. They wrapped furniture in what seemed like vast volumes of thick plastic. Great quantities of moving blankets were used. Matresses and box springs were placed in very large specialized boxes and taped. The big TV was wrapped with a sheet of plywood protecting the screen, and tower speakers were secured upright in the truck. All our indications of "Fragile" and "This Side Up" were respected. The entire loading process was completed in just over four hours.

We were given a two-to-ten-day time window for the delivery. Jesus, our driver, explained his schedule and assured us that we'd have no trouble beating the truck to our destination.

The delivery also went very smoothly. This time Jesus had only one helper, but the two of them moved very fast, seemed to know exactly what to do in every situation. Stairs were taped against smudges. A large couch was put through a rather narrow doorway by having its shoes removed and being tilted at just the right angle. It barely made it, but all this was done without a scratch or dent in anything.

I marked off our 300 boxes on the "bingo sheet" as the guys wheeled in stacks of them on their hand trucks. Boxes were stacked with all the sticker numbers pointing the same direction, and with aisles so that numbers could be re-checked if necessary. Beds were reassembled. The whole delivery took about three hours, including a lot of time spent on that one couch. Nothing was damaged or broken on their account. One wine glass broke in its box, but my wife said she had clearly not packed that particular glass very well.

In summary, we were completely satisfied with all aspects of the move, and we are happy to recommend ACE Relocation Systems, Inc., in Long Beach, California.

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Re: ACE Relocation Systems, Inc., of Long Beach, CA

Postby MusicMom » Sat Aug 30, 2008 9:02 pm

Enjoy PDX. I loved it there.

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Re: ACE Relocation Systems, Inc., of Long Beach, CA

Postby Diane » Thu Sep 11, 2008 5:22 am

Thanks, Carl, for taking the time to post this excellent review of Ace.
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