DO NOT use Benhur

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DO NOT use Benhur

Postby benhuristerrible » Mon Sep 15, 2008 2:55 pm

My journey is not complete with Benhur, but let me tell you that I never will go with them ever again. Here is what happened so far.

- I am moving my things from Concord, CA (bay area in SF) to Chicago, IL. I arranged the move with Budget vanlines who then subcontracted Benhur to move my things. Because I am in Chicago, my friend in CA agreed to let the movers into my storage unit. My things were to be picked up 09-13 and my friend was to be contacted 24-48 hours before they arrived. The day before and day of, no call. I contacted Budget and Benhur claimed that the number I gave both for my cell and for my friend was incorrect. Funny because Budget called my friend right there and got through to my friend on the same number. When they finally showed up they claimed they could not access my unit with their truck and a smaller "shuttle" van would have to be rented. They told my friend they would meet him the next day 09-14 to pick up my things at 10 am. He drives there for them to tell him they wont be there until noon. He goes back home and returns. 12:40 rolls around and they finally call him to tell him that they cannot do it that day because the shuttle is unavailable. In my contract I specifically stated that it needed to be a move date on the weeked because of his work schedule. I contacted the dispatcher who was VERY rude after hassling him he said he would just send the 18 wheeler over there. Which was funny...they could have done it in the first place.

My friend meets them over at the unit and one guy shows up to move things and bascially insinuates that my friend needs to help move my items. Supposedly the driver couldnt leave the truck where they had parked it. My friend, who knows I need my things, starts helping them move. The mover claims he has no inventory of my items, which I gave to Budget. They hurried the move and told my friend that they had to leave to pick up another delivery. They left my storage unit a complete mess of bubble wrap and cardboard and a mess everywhere. My friend ended up staying there and cleaning up the unit so I wouldnt be charged fees from Public storage.

I then am in a state of panic. Here I am 9.5 months pregnant being messed around by these guys. Constant calls to the dispatcher left me with nothing but a sour taste in my mouth because he was so RUDE to me. At one point I stated that I was "aggrivated" to which he replied "yea im aggrivated as well." Meaning that toward me and my persistent calls.

I take a look online to this site and other review sites and lo and behold Benhur is a noteable scam moving company. I was really upset to know that Budget would even subcontract horrible movers. The reviews said a lot of the same things...very aggressive about tipping, broken items, rude customer service. I ended up getting in touch with the east coast manager and he said he would see things out from this point on. Because I am in a non binding contract, my final price is based on weight. If my things weigh under 2,000 lbs its my quoted price of $1436. Instead of the movers supplying me with their weight tickets, I am meeting them at a nearby weight station to weigh the truck before and then after my things are unloaded so that I KNOW the true weight of my items. Who is to say that when they left yesterday and went to the job that in the morning they didnt weigh my things with someone elses things?

People PLEASE be careful. I have bascially found the hard way that the consumer has no rights when it comes to moves. I read horror stories of this company keeping items hostage until a hefty tip was given before the truck was even unloaded. Tip is gratuity. Not a demand. Anyways my only saving grace is the east coast supervisor seems to be taking care of things, but I shouldnt have had to go through this whole mess of 1000 calls to get it taken care of. I just hope that when they deliver my things I wont be slammed for excessive charged that they will probably try and lay on me. I hope this helped someone out.

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Re: DO NOT use Benhur

Postby farrah7031 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 3:14 pm

Don't count on this East Coast Manager to "sort things out".

Make sure you meet these people at the scale. If they come to your home without meeting you at the scale, tell them you have a right to view a re-weigh and it will not cost you to do so. ... .htm#Efive

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