Plymouth, MI to Tulsa, OK - Premier Relocation (Mayflower)

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Plymouth, MI to Tulsa, OK - Premier Relocation (Mayflower)

Postby nabordawg » Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:23 am

Hello. I thought I would start a topic to first say thanks to the site admins and major contributors as the info here as been a huge help.

Based on the super pages info, I had the following folks quote:

(1) Premier-Relocation (Mayflower)
(2) Palmer (North American)
(3) Graebel

I have used Graebel twice before but 3rd parties selected them as they were corporate moves. (both went well)

I am arranging this move myself and working to get it reimbursed so am trying to manage costs.

All three came to the house and had pretty knowledgeable sales folks.
Premier and Graebel came up with NTE at about the same weight. Palmer was 1/3rd higher on weight with no NTE.

I picked Premier but it close over Graebel due to inclusion to their estimate a quote for the LCD TV, 2 hr of maid service. Also, Mayflower will store locally and Graebel was going to store in Tulsa which drives more cash flow sooner from my stand-point. I believe Graebel could have matched this but I needed to get going and the info here about Mayflower being more residential vs corp re-lo oriented pushed me over the edge.

Here are the details of my move.
(1) Plymouth, MI to Tulsa, OK
(2) about 10,500 lbs estimated (by Premier/Graebel)
(3) 3 months storage included - we intend to stay with my parents briefly and then rent a home (maybe buy)
(4) we rented a small u-haul trailer to get items for the stay at my parents down to them.

The packers are here today so will let you all know how it goes.

PS -- I put the 52" LCD in a U-Haul trailer. The quote to crate, etc was going to $500 + oversize item charge of $186. I read the threads on this and realize what I took on but think I am okay. Thanks for that detail as well.

Thanks again.

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Re: *Plymouth, MI to Tulsa, OK - Premier Relocation (Mayflower)

Postby nabordawg » Tue Nov 04, 2008 3:21 pm

I thought I would follow-up here and say the Premier Relocation in Novi, MI did an outstanding job packing on Day 1 and loading the truck on Day 2. Final weight ended up being 9940#. (and I thought I got rid of some stuff - not really)

I would like to thank this site for just a lot of good common sense info on what to expect, how to prepare and how to handle various details. (tipping, snacks, etc)

I will point folks to it whenever I can going forward.

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