Great move with Big Apple Moving & Storage

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Great move with Big Apple Moving & Storage

Postby olliesmom » Tue Dec 09, 2008 2:01 pm

I recently completed a move within Manhattan on Nov 24th 2008 with Big Apple Moving and Storage and wanted to post my feedback. I needed to find a new moving company as my previous company who I'd used 3 times in the past for moves within NJ and from NJ to NYC was not licensed for moves within NY State. I interviewed several companies before choosing Big Apple, including Moishe's, Shea, All Star and West End. All came to give in-home estimates for a pack and move of a large 1 bedroom apartment. While Big Apple was not the cheapest (Moishe's quoted $1600 all in) they were a fairly close second at $1825 for 4 men to come and pack on Sunday and move me on the following Monday including all packing supplies. Two others came in around $2100-2300 and one was $3000+. I thought any of the movers could have done a good but Joe Clements, the owner of Big Apple, was willing to give me a cap on the job (after a little negotiation) and I liked the fact that he was willing to do the packing the day before the move. Also, of the 5 companies I had quote, Joe was the only one who called me after the estimate to see if I had any additional questions - no one else followed up with me at all, so I thought this was a nice touch.

I coordinated with Denese and Donna via email at Big Apple to get the necessary insurance documents, both were quick to respond to my emails. Joe even called me to answer a few questions that I had emailed to them.

On the Sunday before our move, Steve and his team (4 guys in total) came promptly at 9:30 AM to pack up our apartment. In the past I've always done my own packing so I was a little worried as to whether our stuff would make it to our new place in one piece, but every boxed item arrived in great condition, not even a single glass was broken. They had packed up our entire apartment within a few hours, which was less than the estimate for the packing. They left out the bed, a few clothes and the toiletries I put aside to pack the next morning. I highly recommend hiring the movers to pack if you can afford it -- it really set the mood for a stress free move - this was the first time my husband and I weren't up til 3AM packing up odds and ends the night before a move!

The following morning, Mohammad, one of the packers from the previous day, arrived at 9:30AM with 3 other guys for the move. While both apartments were in elevator buildings, our old one was a loft and had 2 sets of stairs within the apartment and some fairly tight turns. Mohammad and John packed up our apartment and two other guys (I didn't catch their names) loaded the truck. All of the movers really hustled -- we had bought donuts, coffee and sodas for the guys but they barely stopped to eat or drink a thing during the 6.5 hour move. John and Mohammad took great care in wrapping all of our furniture and carefully maneuvering it down our tight stairwell. The treadmill was incredibly heavy along with our dressers, but they managed to get everything down in one piece. When we got to the new apartment the guys promptly started unloading. They went over the time estimate by about 20 minutes but I was not charged for the extra time.

Overall my husband and I were really pleased with the move and the pack. Both the moving and the packing teams were comprised of pleasant and courteous guys. We tipped the packers 18% on the packing portion of our move and tipped the movers 25% on the moving portion -- we felt the movers really did an excellent job and deserved it since I think they almost broke their backs getting that treadmill down 2 flights of stairs! Overall it was an excellent move and quite stress free as far as moves go. We will definitely use them again.

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Re: **Great move with Big Apple Moving & Storage

Postby Diane » Fri Dec 12, 2008 8:11 pm

Thanks for this excellent, detailed review, which I re-posted on the Superlist.
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