Allied (Excel Moving & Storage) is AMAZING

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Allied (Excel Moving & Storage) is AMAZING

Postby jschallh » Mon Dec 15, 2008 11:39 am

Excel Moving & Storage is NC's division of Allied. Different divisions have very different personas and are run by completely different people, so you can't look at Allied as a whole - check your individual division of their company. I could not have been happier with Excel. Every time I called to ask a question, the person handling my call would get me prompt answers. They would often need to call someone else to arrange something and would tell me they'd call me back with the information. I was highly skeptical - most companies never call back, let alone moving companies, so I always expected to have to chase them. To the contrary, they would call me back every time to let me know they were working on finding the answer and had left a voicemail or were otherwise finding the answer. Within a day, they would call back again with the answer.

When getting ready to move my items from their storage unit (I had them hold my belongings for a while) out to Colorado, the coordinator gave me a quote. He then called back the next day apologizing that he gave me the wrong quote because my weight was different than he thought. I immediately assumed the quote would be higher when in fact it was about $800 lower.

When coordinating my move, they called twice to confirm the address, had my stuff there within the first 2 days of the 7 day window they had promised, kept me up to date on the status of everything, and delivered all my stuff still wraped up in blankets and carefully packed. The only damaged item was a dent on my dryer which the mover immediately told me about before even unloading it and which he admitted he think he caused in transit. He had me fill out a claim form and said he would pay out of his own pocket for the damage. I have nothing negative to say about them. I paid them up front instead of withholding money until delivery (I paid by credit card and you have to pay everything up front that way) but had no issues. This is not only a great company, but a great moving company, which I think is hard to come by these days.

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