Corrigan (Ann Arbor) Review

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Corrigan (Ann Arbor) Review

Postby michigantrumpet » Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:08 pm

Hello Everyone,

I just moved from my 750 sq ft apartment in Ann Arbor, MI to Menlo Park, CA using Corrigan's Ann Arbor office. My agent was Steve Vigo and the driver was Dave Hudson. Overall I give them an A-.

Steve showed up right on time for my on-site estimate. He mentioned having previously been a Corrigan driver for many years and clearly knew what he was doing. He was already familiar with my apartment complex and knew from past experience that a "shuttle" was necessary because the interstate truck couldn't maneuver our parking lot. This incurred an additional, but reasonable expense. He then gave me a binding estimate and assured me that even if I needed a second shuttle at the receiving end, it would not cost extra. I didn't end up needing one so who knows.

To save money, I chose to do my own packing. I bought my boxes from Corrigan, who threw in $75-100 worth of free boxes, newsprint, and tape. The brochures from United were quite helpful with their packing tips, and although it was a royal pain to pack 55 boxes, everything survived the move in tact.

My one hiccup with Corrigan began during the paperwork phase. I had initially been estimating the value of my shipment at $20,000, and I was opting for the full replacement value. However, once I completed my packing and added up the value of each box in my detailed spreadsheet, the value was closer to $25,000. In the estimate, addendum, and list of charges prior to load, everything had been based on a valuation of $20k. Unfortunately, my loading was at 8am on the Tuesday after Memorial Day, so the Corrigan office had been closed the whole weekend, leaving me with no opportunity to get an updated quote. When the movers arrived at 8am and presented me with the bill of lading (after loading), I filled in $25k for the value of my shipment. Later that day, a Corrigan representative called and told me that the two options were $20,000 and $30,000, and that the additional cost would be $68. I told her "never mind," and she made a note in the file that I declined the additional coverage above $20k.

The driver gave me ample notice and arrived on the first day of my 10-day delivery window. He and the other two movers quickly unloaded my belongings and reassembled a couple pieces of furniture that he had taken apart after initial loading. All the small pieces (screws, etc.) were carefully bagged and attached to the larger pieces. Nothing was missing. The only damage I can complain about, all said and done, is a 1-inch scratch on the front plastic of my living room tv set. It's a bit of an annoyance, but it's not on the screen, and I didn't feel it was worth filing a claim.

So, A+, right? Not quite. Two weeks after delivery, I received an additional bill from Corrigan for $68. The bill had no indication as to what the charges were actually for, so I waited until the next morning and called Corrigan. They said that because I wrote $25,000 of valuation on the bill of lading, United Corporate was insisting that I pay the $30,000 level. I spent half the day on the phone with Corrigan and United to no avail. Corrigan and I had both made mistakes. I shouldn't have written anything on the binding contract (bill of lading) without getting a quote first, and the representative shouldn't have told me at the time that making a note in my file was sufficient. I do believe that had something catastrophic happened, United/Corrigan would be insisting that I had declined the additional coverage above $20,000. I had already paid nearly $3,000 for this move, so I was in no mood to pay another bill. Finally, the Corrigan representative spoke to her General Manager, who waived the charges.

Despite this annoyance, my goods made the 2,000 mile trek quickly with nearly no damage. Thanks, Corrigan!

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Re: Corrigan (Ann Arbor) Review

Postby MusicMom » Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:18 pm

Thanks for coming here to review your move!


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Re: Corrigan (Ann Arbor) Review

Postby michigantrumpet » Mon Jul 06, 2009 6:18 pm

No problem! Forgot to thank for all the vital pre-move info! So, thanks!!

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Re: **Corrigan (Ann Arbor) Review

Postby rydog444 » Mon Jul 06, 2009 11:30 pm

I can assure you with certainty that United would have billed you the 68 bucks and once that was paid, all claims would have been handled accordingly. It is company policy that whatever is on the official move contract is official. If you put sixty cents per pound and wanted to change your mind after, they wouldn't let you do that either. They have to go by the official contract.
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