Review for Meathead - Excellent!!

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Review for Meathead - Excellent!!

Postby LaGeek » Sun Aug 02, 2009 4:23 pm

I used Meathead for our moving within our apartment complex in Woodland Hills, CA. Tyler and Richie came to our place at 10:00 AM sharp, and started the work right away.

They moved all our stuff with care, and did not even take a break for the 4 hours. Everything was moved with care, and quickly. They think on their feet, improvised to move the stuff that was slightly bigger and was harder to move. I could not disassemble our bed because of bad screws, and they still moved it pretty well and got it into our new apartment. I was highly impressed with their improvisation and skills.

In short, EXCELLENT move. I have always been stressed about moves, and this was the most stress free move I have had. VERY highly recommended, and GREAT job. Meathead is a little pricey and I would have been even more happier with a smaller dent in my pocket :). But still, great job. I would highly recommend anyone moving to atleast give them a call and check them out, and would use them myself again if I had to move.

Thanks Tyler and Richie!

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Re: Review for Meathead - Excellent!!

Postby MusicMom » Sun Aug 02, 2009 4:28 pm

Very good! Thanks for coming back to tell us how it went.

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