Update on my Chicago move with Broadway Express

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Update on my Chicago move with Broadway Express

Postby KJ » Fri Jun 25, 2004 4:41 pm

Hi gang,

Been meaning to write an update after my move, but as I stated before, procrastination is my finest point. Thanks to Diane for caring enough to contact me, inquiring about my move since I acted like the Freak-Out Queen back in April! :lol:

I ended up using Broadway Express and it was the best decision. If anyone is considering a move, wavering on whether or not to go with a pack-it-yourself company, then this company is the one you want.

I was moving the contents from my 1,000 sq. foot 2-bedroom apartment in Chicago to Phoenix. I didn't have a lot of furniture, but I was especially concerned about my bedroom suite (white furniture) and I had over a dozen Hammermill paper boxes filled with my book collection, along with lots of fine glass items.

I knew I'd never trust anyone but myself to pack my belongings (trust me, just ask my fiance who tried to jump in to pack, and I'd start hyperventilating!).

At first, I was SO hesitant to rent a U-Haul, load it, then meet a moving truck somewhere off-site, unload the U-Haul and reload to the moving truck. But you know what? I'd absolutely do it this way again.

We rented a U-Haul on Thursday (cheaper midweek rate that way, too), pulled it right up to the back door of my first-floor apartment, loaded the truck (my fiance hired an out-of-work neighbor to help load the truck, and both worked like troopers!). We locked the truck and slept on the mattress on the floor that night -- next morning, we loaded the mattress into the U-Haul then drove about 1 1/2 miles up the street to meet the Broadway Express truck at a nearby parking lot.

There was no way the BE truck could have made it down my narrow, parallel, dead-end street. But when my fiance had asked Movex about this, they acted like it wouldn't be a problem at all (read the fine print, this is one reason I didn't go with Movex, they wouldn't commit one way or the other IF at the last minute a driver couldn't get down my street).

Our driver, Rich Brandon, was simply the greatest! A good ol' boy Texan who helped arrange my items on the truck, padded everything from his brand new stash of furniture pads, AND even gave me the remaining few feet in his truck without charging me an overage. I would't have needed the extra few feet if we'd stacked everything to the ceiling (I'd contracted for 10 ft, which was plenty), but since he had the extra feet and no one else to pick up, he gave it to me.

Ya gotta love good ol' boy Texans and the great companies they work for.

I especially appreciated Jess Oldham's calm, self-assured manner. My hunch is that Jess knew he was dealing with a Freak-Out Queen, knew exactly how stressful moving can be, and empathized all that was going on in my life at the time. When Jess told me, "Now take a deep breath and relax, we'll do the rest," I absolutely, honestly felt finally at peace.

Another nice thing about BE is that they charged my credit card half when we loaded in Chicago, and the other half when we unloaded in Phoenix. Other companies wanted full funds upfront.

My fiance and I were very impressed with BE. I wouldn't ever hesitate to reccomend them to anyone considering a u-pack move.

Nothing was damaged in shipment, and Rich even made it to Phoenix before us! He pulled away with my stuff on Friday morning and arrived in Phoenix Sunday morning. Our flight didn't even leave Chicago until Sunday afternoon!

Rich left a message on our home phone and cell phones letting us know he was in town but we didn't retrieve the messages until that Monday afternoon on our way out running errands. We called him back and he said no hurry, so we scheduled an unload for early the next morning. We weren't even expecting my stuff until later that week! Had I known he would have been so speedy, I would've packed one less suitcase for the flight!

There are so few companies anymore that really understand, strive, and execute customer service. By far, Broadway Express met and exceeded my expectations. Other companies -- not just moving companies -- can learn much from BE's standards.

Kim (KJ)

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