**Joyce Van Lines was ABSOLUTELY the best company for my long move!!

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**Joyce Van Lines was ABSOLUTELY the best company for my long move!!

Postby gferguson37 » Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:35 pm

About a month we had a long distance move from CT to TN, due to a job relocation. On such quick notice, Joyce Van Lines was able to send Mr. Bill Adams out to our apartment and do a very thorough inspection/estimate of all our belongings. Let me tell you it was a great experience from the very beginning! The estimate was fixed and unless we had the movers box anything or had to have extra insurance the price was exactly what it was stated as.

When the movers got there, they didn't waste anytime getting the furniture and boxes out the door and onto the truck safely. Our furnishings were wrapped up very precisely and securely, I think this was the first time I have seen a moving company this efficient and effective! Also, the three guys were very polite and easy to talk with, which in my opinion is a deal breaker. Before leaving we went over the paper work and checked to make sure everything was taken that needed to go. The first part of the move was a great sign.

That day we got word from Mr. Adams that our shipment date would be extended a little longer due to such a small load. It didn't bother us very much since we had the essentials for a couple of weeks. When June got in touch with me about the delivery it was a few days in advance which is good since we needed someone here to let them through the gate. June is the lady who is the "go to " person if you need information about your move. She is extremely knowlegable and easy to communicate with; always polite! The movers called me the day before telling me they were, and what time they estimated to be there. The directions were confusing because the property is only two years old and didn't show up on the GPS. So being able to text the directions via cellphone to the driver he found it in no time.

The two helpers knocked at my door and told me the truck was on the way, which was a massive eighteen wheeler and barely got into my apartment complex. But the driver was very skilled from the looks of it! As soon as Tom (the driver) came inside he handed me a checklist with numbers which were used to check the inventory of our furniture. The move-in was as flawless as you could get, they even put all of our stuff back together and placed it where we wanted it. Tom was easy to chat with while putting stuff together and made me feel better about everything. They do an excellent job in hiring people who take pride in their job and do so with a polite and friendly nature! This was a great move and couldn't ask for a better moving company to do it, would recommend highly to anyone having to move a short distance or even from one coast to the next. Thanks as well goes to movingscam.com for giving me the resources to find the right movers and tell the scams ones apart!! Have a safe move

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Re: Joyce Van Lines was ABSOLUTELY the best company for my long move!!

Postby Jeff.Walker » Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:13 pm

Thanks so much for coming back here and posting a review of your move. I'm glad it went so well!


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Re: **Joyce Van Lines was ABSOLUTELY the best company for my long move!!

Postby BigLeeCalif » Sun Apr 18, 2010 1:39 pm

If Bill is lurking around, I'm sure he'll appreciate the review.
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Re: **Joyce Van Lines was ABSOLUTELY the best company for my long move!!

Postby BillAdams » Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:11 am

Yes I am, and what a nice way to start my Monday morning.

This customer was very pleasant and easy to work with. Would love to have more just like him, and certainly we are grateful for him for taking the time to come back and post such a complimentary review.
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