**Joyce Moved Us From Ct to Fl

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**Joyce Moved Us From Ct to Fl

Postby refehr » Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:42 am

When the Joyce moving crew arrived, Jane and I were a little apprehensive seeing we had been in our home for 40 + years. They piled out of the truck on time and Richard introduced himself and the rest of the men. He sensed our nervousness and put us to ease explaining the process. After about ½ an hour, The Move was in full swing and extreme care was given to our belongings as they were loaded and packed away in the van.

The men were very professional, polite, hard working and diligent in performing their duties. They asked questions where questions needed to be asked and displayed a sense of humor, which helped ease the tension that Jane and I felt. When the truck departed, we were confident that we were in good hands.

The van arrived at our new home as promised on the 7th of January and much to our surprise only 2 men were there to unload the 8,400 pounds. Richard and Van immediately went to work in a professional manner, delivering our furniture and personal belongings to the rooms that we requested. There were several repositionings of furniture and there was not one gripe but only assurance that we could freely ask them to do anything. A smile during this stressful time went a long way to make us more comfortable. There was only one broken piece which was caused by my lack of packing skill in over stuffing a chest. Otherwise, not one piece broken, outstanding.

I would like to single out Richard as team leader and Van the “horse” as exemplary employees of Joyce. The effort they put into their days work was impressive and the customer care they displayed was second to none. Joyce displays the logo of “The Moving Professionals” and these two employees exemplified this. Please pass our thanks to them.
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Re: Joyce Moved Us From Ct to Fl

Postby slw210 » Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:00 am

I am glad your move worked out so well.

How did their quote compare to any others?

They told me they were unable to quote me at this time. They must be doing a pretty good business.

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Re: Joyce Moved Us From Ct to Fl

Postby refehr » Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:04 am

I received 3 quotes which were very close in $$$$. What sold me on Joyce was the estimator, John Adams, and coordinator/support staff in the office. The actual vs estimate came in within 300lbs.

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Re: Joyce Moved Us From Ct to Fl

Postby MusicMom » Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:11 am

I'm sure John will be pleased to read his praise here, and pass on your good notes about the crew. Glad your move went well, and thank you so much for comng back to write a review!

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