**Review of Corrigan Moving Systems - Chicago to Boston

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**Review of Corrigan Moving Systems - Chicago to Boston

Postby bogglemary » Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:50 pm

Am having a great experience with Corrigan so far, and although we're not done yet, I thought I'd share and give them a thumbs up for their work thus far.

Companies we considered/got quotes from:
SmartMove - We used them to move our stuff from Boston to Chicago 3 years ago, and it was such a great experience. Unfortunately, it was more than twice the price we paid moving out here, so we looked into full-service movers instead. (Side note: turns out the city of Chicago prohibits "pod"-like containers, but prior to finding out about that, we also looked into 1-800-Pack-Rat and PODS. Both were comparable in price.)

Corrigan - I requested an in-home estimate online, and they scheduled it very quickly, which was convenient. Beth Corrigan did the estimate for us, and she was really friendly and thorough. Right off the bat, she handed me a folder with lots of information about my rights as a customer, how the process works, etc. It was really informative and helpful. The quote was a bit higher than some of the other options we looked into, but I was able to negotiate some things to bring it down to a price that was comparable.

North American Van Lines/Reebie/Chicagoland Movers/Chicago Mobility - Their price was the lowest out of all the companies we contacted, and they (Reebie) have great reviews on yelp. But it was confusing because our sales rep's business card said Chicagoland Movers/North American Van Lines, but he kept saying that his company's name was Chicago Mobility. He also said that their company is aka Reebie. I just found it a little sketchy with all the different names, and after seeing the recommendation on this site to "proceed with caution" with these guys, I decided to go in a different direction.

Other positive things about Corrigan so far:
- Our coordinator, Lindsey, is very responsive and nice. She seems to be on top of all the things that need to happen along the way (e.g., requesting permits from the city), and she has been keeping me posted as things change.
- Loading the truck today went so smoothly! The guys, Jason & JD, showed up right on time (a little early, even), and as far as I could tell, they did a great job handling our stuff. They were also friendly and informative, which is a big plus.

Things yet to be seen:
- Delivery date. Beth Corrigan gave us a 10-day window for delivery in Boston, and she put in a request for our stuff to get there as close to the first day of the window as possible. Hopefully that will happen!
- Condition of our things. We packed our own stuff, so I'm hoping we did a good enough job to withstand all the handling it will go through in the next couple weeks. Sounds like it will change hands/trucks at least 2 times, so I'm also hopeful they will not lose track of any of our boxes.

Coincidentally, my husband's co-workers are also using Corrigan for their move to New York, and I think they're happy with their experience so far as well.

Will post an update on the other end...

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Re: *Review of Corrigan Moving Systems - Chicago to Boston

Postby bogglemary » Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:33 pm

As promised, here is an update on our move. We couldn't be more pleased with our experience with Corrigan/Humboldt/United Van Lines! Everyone was very professional and pleasant to work with.

The truck arrived on the second day of our delivery window, and the driver kept me updated on his ETA the day before and the day of delivery. All of our stuff arrived in one piece - not one thing was broken or missing! Our unloading crew in Boston (Bob McWilliams, Devin & Brian) did a great job and made an overwhelming experience very manageable.

I would definitely recommend Corrigan and Humboldt to anyone who is moving between Chicago and Boston!

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