report: I have my stuff!! chicago-NY move

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report: I have my stuff!! chicago-NY move

Postby monica67 » Wed Aug 11, 2004 11:59 am

Well, well, well, I believe the ordeal is over. I have yet to unpack everything, but I believe everything is OK.

In the end, I will say, I DO recommend Jackson Moving. When things went a little haywire, I believe Allied was behind it, and it seems that Jackson came through to solve the problem.

I have briefly described the pick-up end of this, but I'll say it again. Jackson movers (3 of them) came on 28 July to pick up my stuff. They were scheduled to arrive between 8 and 9, and when they had not arrived at 8:45 I called Jackson. They were just about to leave, from Naperville, which gave us another hour or so before they arrived. I didn't ask what the cause was for the delay, probably because we needed the time. They did arrive shortly after 10. The loading was very quick, and the one on charge explained everything we asked about. He did seem to try to sell us the higher insurance, because when we went to sign, he pointed to a section for the insurance, where you choose how much deductible you wanted. I asked why, because I didn't want it, and he just explained that I sign there and pick my deductible. I insisted I didn't want insurance, and then he 'seemed' to understand, and pointed to the line to sign if I wasn't getting any insurance. Perhaps simply a salesman's move, but whatever.

The prices on the Bill of Lading, were wrong, however, so I called Jackson to find out why they were different (higher of course). She (Angie) gave me the correct nubmers, including for packing a mattress, and providing extra packing materials (mirror boxes that we had run out of). Angie explained that he wasn't applying the discount for a out-of-state move. That sounds odd to me - wouldn't he know? It was irrelevant why, though, and I didn't worry about it. Angie just told me to change the nubmers on the bill myself. I did, and the total was what we had discussed, plus extra material that i knew we'd have to pay for.

The problem arose after this. Previously, Jackson had assured me that the delivery date window would be narrowed to a more precise estimate on the day of pickup. I've talked about this here before. I still think that if this is what the customer is promised, they should honor that. Allied all along insisted that there was no driver, and my stuff would be delivered when they got one - before or after the original window (that ended today on the 11th). Just for the record, the movers who unloaded my stuff couldn't beleive Allied said there was no mover. They'd never heard of that.

And so that brings me to teh delivery. Angie, early last week, had finally told me they were going to use their own movers (Jackson's) to delivery on the 11th. She gave me the driver's name and cell number and that he'd be there b/w 8 and 9 on Wedensday.

Monday, the 9th, teh driver called me to say he'd be arriving tomorrow - the 10th, and was apparently unaware that it was supposed to be the 11th. This was fine with us though, adn yesterday they arrived. Promptly at 8 (they beat us to my sister's where I'm storing things in her basement!) There were two of them, but it was done quickly anyway. It got tricky because soem things were my other sister's things, going to her apt. They drove to the second location and unloaded her things. It was tough, b/c her complex was too windy and we actually had to use my father's van to shuttle the stuff from the main entrance street. They were good natured about it though, luckily.

The movers themselves were always professional and pleasant. We tipped them on each end, a bit more poorly in Chicago only b/c we were short of cash.

So far, we've only found one broken item. One of my sister's martini glasses broke. But I suspect that was the fault of the packing. There were too many glasses in the box, and probably not enough cushion.

If anyone has anymore questions, fire away. I'm sure I've missed some important aspects. It was quite a day yesterday adn I'm rather wiped out. And now I have to unpack!

But thanks to everyone here for all their advice that helped assure me that I WOULD have things to unpack, and a positive report rather than another horror story to add to the list.

good luck to everyone who has their move ahead of them. Feel free to be jealous, I don't envy you! :P

now in New York

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