Interstate Van Lines

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Interstate Van Lines

Postby Mikea96 » Sun Oct 02, 2016 4:05 pm

This is in regards to a fraudulent moving company that is holding our belongings hostage and gave it a healthy ransom price tag after we were quoted only half of that ransom. $6416 Binding Estimate and now a $13,000 Ransom.

In search of a moving company to move our belongings from Georgia to California, I googled “moving companies” and was directed to On Friday, September 16, 2016, I received an email from Pamela Nelson, Senior Moving Consultant of Interstate Van Lines (732)-352-1115, DOT 2562870 stating that they had a “Piggy Back Move” offer in which I would receive a 15-25% discount off my move (proof of documentation). I replied yes I was interested and she requested a list of my items. Throughout that weekend Pamela kept calling and pursuing me. In which I did not answer, but did send her a list of items I needed to move. I received a Binding Estimate from Pamela for $4850.00 so I reached out on Monday, September 19, 2016 to let her know I had two companies, United and US-1 Van Lines, come out and give us onsite quotes. I forwarded Pamela the inventory list from on onsite quote I received from United. She then return a revised Binding Estimate to me for $6416.35 (proof of documentation).

Before I made my decision on what company to use, I looked up Interstate Van Lines on google and pulled up the BBB Business Review. I saw they had an A+ rating and in business since 1943 so I made my decision to move forward with Interstate Van Lines on September 19th and scheduled a pick up on September 21st and said my sister will be there only to let them in and show them the items to take as I was in CA. The movers came out and loaded up the already packed items within a few short hours (picture proof of trailer and workers) and did not fill up the truck. I did not hear from the moving company until I called on 28th and spoke to Tiffany the Customer Service Manager. I asked her if the delivery would be this week and she asked if she could return a call back to me within the hour, I did not receive a call. I called again on the 29th and spoke to Tiffany once again only to ask me if she can return my call as she didn’t have any information. A gentleman called me an hour later and as I answered he rambled off a number of $13,000.00 he needed to collect, I asked him who he was and said it’s John from Interstate. I then said are you sure you have the correct person on the phone as my price is $6400.00, he said let me call you back. He called me back and said yes the price is correct and this is what you need to pay to receive your items. I explained to him I had two onsite quotes (United $7,554 and US-1 for $7,274) and how could 2 companies get it wrong that came physically saw my belongings. I also explained to him that I recently just moved from CA to GA 3 months ago and it cost me $13,173.00 (21,070 lbs) to fill a full 18 wheeler for direct shipment in 5 days. How could my price increase to a similar amount I paid just 3 months ago with United and now my weight is nearly half that at 10,367 pounds you quoted me for $6416.35.

United quoted 11,306 lbs for $7,554
US-1 quoted 10,038 lbs for $7274

I asked to speak to the owner which is Leo, to hear me explain the above. Leo came back and said he would do it for no less than $11,000. I said this is not a deal, you are a professional company and need to recognize that two other companies came out and with fair and reasonable pricing and I expect to pay my quote or slightly over not to exceed the other two companies. He became unreasonable and said he didn’t want to hear me and that the price just went back up to $13,000. I said I would have to reach legal advice and he hung up on me. I called back and asked to speak to John and asked him to review my other two prices and put some thought around doing the right thing and if he would call me back on the 30th. I asked John when I spoke to him what it would cost to just come and collect my belongings, he asked Leo, and returned saying that it would cost me $7500 to come pick up my stuff. I called to file a complaint with Interstate Van Lines Corp office on the 29th and spoke to a Dana, she mentioned that there was no Pamela Nelson on the directory and I provided her the contact number I had for Pamela. Dana called me back and said that Pamela hung up on her once she mentioned my name. I then realized the company I thought I hired with an A+ BBB Rating was not the company that picked up my belongings.

I emailed Pamela to ask the location of my belongings and she emailed back saying I need to talk to John. That Friday I received no call so again I called Tiffany and asked to speak to John, she said he was in a meeting that he would have to call me back within the hour. I called again and she said John is gone and I asked “where are we at with my pricing,” she asked Leo and he said he slept on it that night and the price was going to be $11,000 to get my stuff. I asked where my belongings were at and she said Robert can return my call, I received no call. I then called Pam again to find the location of my belongings 3 times that day with no return call or email reply.

On September 30th feeling my belongings were stolen with a misleading company, not receiving any return calls back and not given the location of my belongings to reach out, giving us the feeling that our belongings were being held for a ransom of $11-13,000, I was forced to file a police report with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department in GA (case number available).

I am looking for any guidance and assistance for the return of our belongings. I have two children and wife who is in a high risk pregnancy who are wondering if we will ever see our lifetime acquired belongings again. I held my 10 year old girl last night as she was crying, asking if we would get our stuff back. We are living in an empty home and had to purchase a couch to sleep on and sit during the day.

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Re: Interstate Van Lines

Postby Jeff.Walker » Tue Oct 04, 2016 6:37 pm

Hi Michael,
I'm very sorry to hear you had this experience. Here's what I would recommend:

You can, of course, pay the “ransom” for the delivery. This doesn’t guarantee delivery and it’s entirely possible that whatever the company does deliver could be damaged. Be prepared for this no matter how this gets resolved. I would recommend the following steps:

1. First and foremost, contact MoveRescueimmediately. They can help start the process of tracking down your stuff, helping you confront the fraudsters and, if you can find where your stuff is located, MoveRescue can help get a mover to complete your move. That being said, I want to be up front with you and let you know that I have no statistics on the success of MoveRescue, and again am not guaranteeing this will succeed.

2. Read our article I’ve Been Scammed! What now? which will give you many options to try to attempt to get your belongings back.

3. File a complaint with the FMCSAas soon as possible. Make sure you include details such as conversations (including where you were directed for reviews) and what led you to believe you were working with a reputable company. Include as many details as possible right up to when they left with your belongings.

4. Keep detailed notes going forward. Make sure you log calls, conversations and times and dates they occur. This will help you keep track of things in case you ever need to use them in court. In addition, I’d advise writing down everything that happened up to this point while its fresh in your memory. I'd also recommend our article "How to File in Small Claims Court Against a Moving Company"

please let us know if you have any further questions.

Good luck,

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Re: Interstate Van Lines

Postby JAHaddow » Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:26 pm

The first important thing in your research is that you found the information on the REAL Interstate Van Lines located in Springfield Virginia. They are a company that is well respected in the moving community and have been in business for a long time as the research you found showed. The unfortunate thing is the the Interstate Van Lines is not the same company. It is a mover that shows only having one truck which basically make them a broker but they do not have broker authority. They are located in Pennsylvania and use the typical rogue mover tactics.

Unfortunately these lead generation sites such as and most others simply sell your information to any company that has a DOT number. They do not screen them, vet them or verify that they are who they say they are.

Theses lead companies should be called to task to stop this egregious practice of telling people who go to their website that they will get a legitimate mover to call them. I would like to see a class action suit by all the people scammed by these rogue movers against theses lead generation sites as I feel the are complicit in these scams because of their actions.

The internet is a fantastic method to find just about anything but it is swimming with the scam artists, especially in the moving industry. We legitimate movers fight this everyday since we have to buy leads from these same companies. I cannot tell you how many time we get individuals that say they have another company that is so much less and when we explain what is going on they don't believe us. It is the new way of thinking that if it is on the internet what could be wrong.
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Re: Interstate Van Lines

Postby Kftimes666 » Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:04 pm

I,too, was taken in by Interstate Van Lines of Pennsylvania. They put the things on the truck and doubled the cost.

I forced them to take my credit card and then disputed the charge, showing them the records I kept of the transaction. My card company erased the charge today and said to have nothing more to do with them. However, I did file a complaint with FMCSA, the Florida dept. of Consumer affairs and I filed a warrant for their arrest in Palm Beach county Florid for fraud.

PLease stay away from these people. The are scam artists of the highest degree.

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