new review of Beltmann Group, Inc.

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new review of Beltmann Group, Inc.

Postby niga1107 » Tue Aug 08, 2017 6:11 am

Horrible customer service by NorthAmerican and their local agency in Beltmann in Minneapolis area.

They simply would NOT come for an in-house survey. For a 1-bedroom apartment moving from Minneapolis to Melbourne, Australia, no in-house survey by them. How disorganized and potentially damaging that is.

I mean their company is like - nope we would not do it, you have to keep updating us with changes in your list of things over the phone. Nope, we would not be able to provide you boxes for sample sizes either. Essentially, we will NOT be able to help you in anyway in this international move.

I am not going with them for the move. Will go to some other company now.

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