Testimonial: I just hired Flatbush in NYC!

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Testimonial: I just hired Flatbush in NYC!

Postby ringlah » Thu Sep 30, 2004 6:15 am

I have spoken with several people and Flatbush Moving, a Wheaton Co., has come up a bunch of times on this site. Before I hired a company I decided to have them come to my apt. and give me an estimate. Dominic, the Grandson of the man who started this business (Third Generation Company) came to my home yesterday and gave me an estimate.

Of the 7 companies I had to my home, he was the first to actually try and get to know me and understand what will make me comfortable about my move. He then asked me to give him a tour instead of just wandering. At first he didn't write anything down, which scared me, but by the end he had everything in his head. He said he has just done this for so long he knows what is needed. When a question came up about an item, he went with a conservative approach and wanted to make sure nothing would be damaged.

By the end he did have everything down and was able to give me a very reasonable estimate. He then capped the estimate in writing with a 10% maximum variance. He also allowed me to use my American Express card, which is rare in NYC. These 2 guarantees made me feel very protected.

My move is not easy because I have restrictions on both the pick-up ad drop-off as far as times they can be in the buildings. All of the companies I interviewed said they could pick-up and drop-off in the same day. Dominic sat down with a pen and paper and showed me how that was impossible and he was right. But even with his additional day of labor, he still gave me an estimate that was around the average of all the others.

Obviously the rest of the move remains to be seen. But I feel very confident that these movers are very serious about their business. In addition, my wife works for NYC's largest real estate firm, and they have Flatbush on a referral list for their brokers and customers.

Sorry for the lengthy note but I wanted to make sure everyone heard another review of a solid company.

p.s. - Thank you Diane for suggesting I look at this company before making a decision!

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Re: Testimonial: I just hired Flatbush in NYC!

Postby MusicMom » Thu Sep 30, 2004 7:04 am

Please let us know the outcome.

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Re: Testimonial: I just hired Flatbush in NYC!

Postby Diane » Thu Sep 30, 2004 11:37 am

ringlah wrote:p.s. - Thank you Diane for suggesting I look at this company before making a decision!

If your move turns out well--I'll be keeping everything crossed--I think we both should thank "MichaelSF" because he is the one who persisted in using them despite people's initial doubts. He is the one who posted such good things about his last-minute Brooklyn to Vermont move after he originally thought he was moving Brooklyn to San Francisco - http://www.movingscam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2516

I just had a good feeling about them from the beginning; I don't know why. For one thing, the family has run the business "forever" and I don't think they would sacrifice their reputation to make a quick buck. They deserve a lot of credit for staying afloat in the sea of sharks that is the NYC scam mover business.

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